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Thread: Need input for next purchase!

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    Default Need input for next purchase!

    Hey everyone. The wife and I are getting to resupply our stash and I was hoping to get some input before possibly making a bad purchase. As of right now, we've been getting her Dry 24/7s which she likes way more than the Cushies we got from ABU. I saw these ( and was wondering if anyone has used these boosters? If so, are they worth it? Thanks!

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    I've used the '4035 - Abena Abri-Let Maxi' boosters and they are GREAT! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to add both bulk and extra absorption to their diaper. They are super easy to use. Just put then inside the diaper and put the diaper on. Simple as that. But yea,, a great product there. In fact, I liked them so much, I will be ordering some again some time soon!

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    I will usually use the abrilet boosters in an abena M3 when I know that I have had a bit more than normal to drink that day an know i will wet heavy that night. they provide a bit of extra absorbency and don't interfere with the leak guards on the medium sizes like the abrilet maxi does as far as the anatomic I have not yet tried that one yet but would imagine its a mix between the maxi and normal. add a bit of absorbency and the cost isn't too bad though it has gone up a little. easy to use if you want something cheaper use baby diapers as stuffers.

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    Default Need input for next purchase!

    I was thinking of ordering the maxi ones. Do they add absorbency or replace the absorbency of the diaper? The dry 24/7s are plenty absorbent, but I've been using 2 on her at a time because I like them extra thick on her. It's a huge waste of money in the end and I was hoping to avoid having to do that from now on. Lol

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