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Thread: Finding that One Girl....

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    Default Finding that One Girl....

    Any advice on how to find another diaper lover to hangout with/date? Lookin for a female snuggle buddy who likes movies n' such and staying up late talking hanging out, goin shopping and all sorts of stuff. (No, not trying to get laid, honestly looking for a girlfriend who likes diapers too)

    any advice is greatly appreciated!

    -Texas Toddler

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    Default Finding that One Girl....

    I know you mean well, but I'll set this straight. Adisc is not a dating site to find other ABDLs. It's a support community, and a safe place to discuss diapers and baby paraphernalia.

    If you're looking for an ABDL date, try other sites, I'm sure there are many sites catered to ABDL dating.

    Also, keep in mid that most ABDLs are male, so unless you're bisexual, you're going to do a lot of searching.

    In short, people generally don't take that kindly to date requests. It comes off as a little creepy and ADISC is not meant for that.

    Best of luck,

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    I know what Adisc is, I was just asking for advice, the whole support thing... yeah I wear diapers, yeah I love them and yeah im glad I found this site full of DL's who can share experiences. I know the rules.



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    Since Pullupkid, kinda already gave the standard warning about ADISC not being a dating site, I won't reiterate it... oh.. oops... just did.

    But in response to your question, There are several ABDL dating sites out there. All of them are 18+, so I couldn't name them or link you to them, but a google search could probably lead you to them.

    Also, there are a few examples of people finding a great life long friend, and in some cases even a spouse through this site. But if you go in 'looking' for one, you will likely get disappointed. If you come in looking for friends and find some good close ones and after building a strong friendship with them, it eventually leads to something more serious, then that is awesome.

    So I guess that would be my advice. Don't look for an ABDL 'lover'. Look for someone to be a good friend with and see where it leads.

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    I'd probably start by trying to meet someone IRL, instead of asking on a forum. That's my best advice, because there really isn't any other way!
    There's loads of cute girls out there, and really; do you need to be together with someone who can indulge in your diaper/age play? You can develop feelings people who doesn't share that trait, also.

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