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Thread: Deidara_desu~!

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    Post Deidara_desu~!

    Hello, my name's BreAnna. You can call my that, BreBre, or Becky (don't ask! lol!)
    Uh, this is a bit new for me...I haven't really told anyone...but thanks to EpicPie for helping me and showing me this site!
    I hope that everything will go good with this.

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    Heya Becky. :3 If anyone is wondering why I gave her the nick name of Becky is because she was in the happy house I went to after my birthday and I decided I wanted a friend named Becky so I just started calling her that. ^_^

    Edit: This is my 222 post, rofl.

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    Welcome deidara_desu! Hope you enjoy your time here.

    I love your avatar!~

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    Matrix Blade


    Hey. I like your name its unique. Welcome to the site. This is a great place to be. Post around some so we can know a little bit. Enjoy

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    Must be a case of Deja Vu with me today. Your username sounds awfully familiar. What's even more strange is your avatar looks equally familiar to me. Maybe it's the pain medicine I took for my back earlier.

    Anywho, Welcome to ADISC. Hope you'll post around and make yourself at home. Thanks EpicPie, for introducing your friend *Becky* to the site.


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