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Thread: Best time you wet yourself diapered or not

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    Default Best time you wet yourself diapered or not

    So over the years we have all have probably countless wetting experiences which makes it seem to lose it's rush of excitement.
    Out of all those times, maybe a long time ago when you started experimenting with diapers/wetting there is probably a single experience you remember clearly. The whole experience was a complete rush and gave you butterflies in your stomach for it having the perfect flood/swelling/relief/whatever feeling that made for the most memorable dl moment for you. Maybe it was at a certain place or time.

    For me personally I'll never forget getting my first pack of goodnites back when they were all white & looked forward to opening the package and putting one on later that night. Even when I got to opening the pack it was a rush and my heart was racing haha. It was a great change from wetting underwear as a kid for fun.

    So what are your experiences?

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    I am a new DL so I havent had many experiences except in my truck but I look forward to wetting myself in my managers office.

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    I remember one time when I bought my first pack of diapers, baby diapers that is. My heart was racing inside the store, and I even fumbled with the package when I tried to grab it. When I got home, I immediately rippped the package open and took the folded diaper out and put it on. The rush of adrenaline in my body was of nothing I've ever experienced before, it felt so weird and nice at the same time... And then I started to wet the diaper, which just made everything much better.

    So yeah, I'll probably never forget that time.


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    For me it would have to be the first time my (now) wife diapered me after i had finally come out about my ABDL side. I had been imaging that day for years and how it would feel so amazing to have someone else diaper me, especially her. After she diapered me I had trouble going due to the "tension" but once I did it was one of the greatest feelings I've ever had in my life. Her watching made it that much better! I'll never forget that wetting as my favorite so far in my life.

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    My biggest rush i had is the first time i wet my diaper in front of someone. I was in a gamestop in a mall talking to the attendant and i had to go, so i just let it go. The hole time i could stop thinking that he would find out. But before i know it, i finished wetting and the experience was over.

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    First time in a college class was bit of a rush, talk about thinking about the consequences, of a leak in front your peers and professors, it still is a bit of a rush to wear to class though it is better than getting up during class.

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