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    Hey all, long time lurker never posted before, but something happened the other day I just have to share.

    I live in an apartment complex and my mail comes through the front office where I pick up packages. Been ordering diapers (bambinos mostly) and picking up packages all the time for over two years now. The other day a new girl who was working at the office handed me my package and said "Bottom half Group huh" with sort of a half wink and a smile. I was taken aback because the package or bambinos only says "warehouse" yada yada and its obvious she knows what it is if she specifically stated the name of the company.

    Wha should I do? Im kind of nervous of ordering any more diapers now because of this cause who knows if she told someone, or should I go talk to her and see if maybe she is a AB/DL herself?

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    Well on the packages it also says tbhg as well.
    Hard to say to know what to do.

    She may know about it only or may be into the AB/DL too.
    It a hard choice just be careful

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    Short of opening the package, she would need to have some form of personal knowledge of the company. I wouldn't actually be very surprised if she herself was an AB/DL because that's some very specific information to know. She at least seems to be tolerant. I would continue ordering as usual.

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    i find that fortune favors the bold!

    there is also another very truism;
    a coward dies a thousand deaths, but a brave man dies but once..... which are you?

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    Is Bottom Half Group the name of the company who sends your diapers ?? Was it written on the From area, or is it initials or what ??

    If she was curious about what that was she probably googled it (which Im going to do now)....<pause> Ok well Bings search puts bambino diapers as its #1 search result. So, if she did look, and sees that its diapers, then what ??

    If she wants to keep her job, she will maintain herself in a professional manner. I doubt she will go around telling anyone, and if she does, you could report her to the apartment management and let them take it from there. Its not any of her business what people packages contain, or anyones mail she might handle, however she was curious, and like you said she winked and smiled, which are totally favorable !!

    BOTTOM LINE: Continue your life as if no one cares and no one is watching, keep ordering. Maybe you might have found yourself someone here. Dont be scared or nervous, women like confident men.

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    Yeah, "tbhg box" shows bambinos as #1 on an unbiased Google search. You would think they could do something about getting that abbreviation stifled online... then again, this thread might show up in consequent searches if we say "the bottom half group" enough. =P

    So, she knows, maybe. Sounds like you have an ally in the mailroom. I would just deflect any questions with an: it's personal/private or a Monty Python "maind yer own beezzness"!

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    State that its a personal issue, and something your embarrassed to talk about, and leave it for her to come back with another answer. She might admit that she knows what they are and is cool with it, or admits she wears for fun, who knows. You might have just struck relationship gold !! Let it play out.

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