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Thread: What program do you use to access the internet?

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    Default What program do you use to access the internet?

    Just want to know what people are using for programs to access the website. I am using internet explorer.

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    I use firefox or Konqueror on my laptop (ubuntu 8.10 beta), Firefox on my media PC.

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    I think what you want to ask is: which browser. For me, it's primarily Firefox. Konqueror is also good.

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    I use Safari, because I like it.... And because I have a mac... I stick with it because it has private browsing, which is how I get on here every day! =]

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    I use firefox version 3 loaded with all of my favorite extensions and themes. I've been using firefox for a good 2-3 years now. I also have IE7 and Netscape on my computers, but I don't use them unless firefox doesn't work right. However, I do use IE for the RealPlayer video downloader, because as of yet it doesn't work on firefox 3.

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    FireFox is da shit.


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