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    What is it like having someone else to share in your passion for diapers?

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    would be great,

    Because she understand you, I would do the same things.

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    On here... its like having a network of friends I can talk about whatever with. =P

    In real life... I dunno. :/ (I bet it would be a kind of weird, frightening, and awesome feeling all at the same time.)

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    Think i can answer this one.

    Real Life: Live with my boyfriend who is also into just about everything I'm into(just maybe not on the same level of obsession); Which also includes diapers.

    Overall it has to be one of the greatest experiences I've ever had; However I believe it's on the same level as finding someone who enjoys playing pool if you enjoy pool. I "personally" don't have to be wary about being myself and never have to worry about hiding anything.

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    Do you mean online or in real life? If it's the latter, do you mean two people on equal footing or more in a carer/caree capacity?

    Having been through them all, I can say nothing touched the power found in that final pairing. Being changed for the first time was a milestone event that shook me. I left behind the life I had in order to try and find the emotional fulfillment I was missing; without a doubt, that single act validated my believe that I had made the right move.

    Having someone else in your life who is in the same position as you, that you can talk to about padding, is amazing and I wouldn't be where I am now without friendships such as these; most of my AB connections work like this. I don't think that anyone could argue, though, that this sort of relationship and the one found in a caretaker scenario aren't two completely different games.

    So, it more depends on the 'someone else' you're referring to. ^^

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    Probably feeling more comfortable to talk about anything and relaxed and make everything to be more enjoyable, I guess. I never really have this level of experience.

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