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Thread: Circumcision pluses?

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    Default Circumcision pluses?

    What's your opinion on the news article and online? I've been circumcised

    and agree with the health report. I know I have never had any genital

    health problems. I've never had any boys so I've never been involved

    in any decisions on circumcision

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    I've been circumcised. I don't know about any health risks one way or the other. Just my own personal preference, I think being circumcised looks better.

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    Thought it feels odd to say, yes it looks better(edit:in my opinion). Heck, a baby won't even remember what happened so might as well any way. If you aren't circumcised though, it takes a little more regular and detailed cleaning in that area or it creates a smelly buildup under the for-skin from what i have been told.
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    I have to agree with Cherub that there are no benefits one way or another really but as for preference, I think you are conditioned to believe whatever yours is like that is whats better, probably because no one wants to undergo circumcision when they are older and if you were already circumcised it's not like the foreskin is going to grow back. I, unlike you two, am on the other side of the coin in that I was not circumcised.

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    Here's some food for thought. Apparently circumcision can reduce the chance of catching AIDs and other STDs. Risk reduced by 40-50%. That seems pretty significant.

    "The trials were stopped by the National Institutes of Health’s Data Safety and Monitoring Board this week after data showed that the Kenyan men had a 53 percent reduction in new H.I.V. cases and the Ugandan men a 48 percent reduction.In Kenya, 22 of the 1,393 circumcised young men in the study caught the disease, compared with 47 of the 1,391 uncircumcised men."

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    I'll stick with my theory that our bodies do not come with useless parts that need to be removed, like a wrapper from a candy bar.
    Surely, you can prove that circumciscion has health benefits after it has been performed. The same logic applies to removing tonsils or the appendix: Parts that aren't there any more cannot cause trouble. Yet people don't routinely remove the tonsils and appendix from every baby. Why? Because every surgery involves a risk...stuff can go wrong, infections can happen etc.

    Some guy here recently sued his parents and doctor for a circumcision gone wrong in his baby years. He was successful. The court saw the circumcision as unnessary on medical terms and thus considered it mutilation. As such, all circumcisions are currently stopped here due to the grey legal status. Maybe the court's decision was a bit harsh, as the government is preparing a new law that will explicitly make circumcision legal again, but most likely requiring anesthetizationto be used. I can't believe that some people would cut skin parts off babies without that! That's barbaric. And the whole argument "babies won't remember" is stupid at best. How do babies learn right from wrong? pleasure and pain. Or do you remember anything from your own babyhood? Yet you've had a decent sense of right and wrong by the time you made your first memories...because you learned that touching the hot stove causes pain and that you shouldn't do it. Babies can feel pain, they just can't tell you.


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    Circumsicion is very much a hot-button topic. Most adults have very set and unchangeable feelings about, usually religious, sometimes in regards to cleanliness.

    For me, it's all about simple cleanliness.

    Yes, a foreskin makes sex feel better; the head of the penis is covered usually, making it much more sensitive when exposed during the push-stroke of sex.

    However, those of us who are circumsized don't know what we are missing so we don't notice a 'lack' of feeling. Sex still feels great, apparently.

    The big thing, though, is cleanliness, like I said. Those with a foreskin who do not peel it back and clean WELL end up with the dreaded (oh I hate this word) 'smegma' build-up. This is a white, very gross smelling substance. I've seen it and smelled it; it aint pretty.

    However, of course most un-circumiszed males don't have a problem with it because most people wash properly daily down there.

    I dunno... it just seems a bit of a non-issue for me. Different strokes for different folks and all.

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    As far as I'm concerned, circumcision is not a decision parents should be allowed to take for their kids. It's not their body, so it's not their call: simple as that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    Some guy here recently sued his parents and doctor for a circumcision gone wrong in his baby years. He was successful.
    You're in Germany right?
    I read about that, it seems kinda ironic that Germany is the first country to ban circumcision, considering how much they go through to remove themselves from the Holocaust.

    On a side note the entire trial seems like a farce considering that then all parents could be sued for any procedure gone awry that wasn't absolutely necessary (braces, tonsils, etc). Kinda like China's injury situation ( if someone is hurt publicly and needs assistance and a bystander assists him, that bystander could be sued for injuring him)...

    Edit: In case some people didn't get it, Jews have a religious ritual that requires circumcision (as do Muslims).

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    As a circumcised male, I can say that I don't mind the decision my parents made. Then again, I was born Jewish, so it wasn't an option. While it is very anachronistic, and is even my opinion, mutilation, it doesn't negatively effect a man's life significantly. So either side is arguable.

    This debate will never end. Someone with an opinion on this topic is not going to change their opinion. Just be ready not to gain any ground.

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