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Thread: How do you prefer to buy?

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    Question How do you prefer to buy?

    When you buy diapers, what quantity do you prefer to buy? When I started out, I used to always shop by the bag. But more recently, I've moved on to buying by the case (in part because I live by myself). How about you guys?

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    Being from the UK, I dont really have the option to by individual bags because I have to order from the internet and its not really worth buying just one bag. I always order in bulk and get about 4 cases at a time, every 4 months or so.

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    I like to try different brands, and since there's a nice online store here that stocks almost every diaper you can imagine by the bag, I always order 3-4 different brands, one bag each.
    Other than that, I also snatch a cheap bag or two off Ebay. Buying by the bag has the advantage that they usually come in unmarked boxes. Most places selling whole cases would just take a case from their stockroom, slap a shipping label on it and send it off. Since I cannot take delivers of it during the day (when I'm at work / uni), my neighbor has to take them for me, and in that case a marked box is no good.


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    Since I still live with my folks, I'm too afraid to buy off the internet. Buying from stores, bags are easier to hide as you carry them.

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    I ticked all 3, because I get whatever I can rofl

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    A bag, definitely. A sample is just time and money wasted and a case is just too many for me to hide.

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    I chose case, because pretty-much lately that's how I've been buying them. But really it doesn't matter to me, because some brands you can only find at stores around here in individual packs and some I just want a sample of first before I invest in a lot more.

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    i voted bag because i have no choice. i've never goten a pacage befor so if i get one, i'm definitly going to have spectators as i open. individual is also from the internet, so no to that vote. but bags are at the store, so thoes are avalable.

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    i voted by the bag. I live at college and have a room mate. i have no place to store them. but once im done with college, i will most likely be living with my gf and she doesnt know i like diapers. so needless to say, bag or less. have to enjoy while i can.

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