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Thread: Going Out To Get A Loaf Of Bread And Ending Up In The Panty Aisle

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    Default Going Out To Get A Loaf Of Bread And Ending Up In The Panty Aisle

    Everytime I go to the store for anything no matter what it is I always HAVE to go to the feminine hygiene aisle, incontinence section, and of course the panties aisle. It never fails. It is almost like I am unconciously programed to look at these items. What should take five minutes in the store usually takes 15 as I look for new sissy wear or products. Most of the time I do not purchase anything, just look. Does anyone else do this?

    Here in Afghanistan I know where the maxi-pads, tampons, and woman's panties are of course. I lay eyes on them everytime I am in the exchange.

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    I do too whenever I go to Wally World or JCP. Don't buy there. Buy mine on line from JCP and One Hanes Place. I'm a big Bali fan. Thats most of my

    bras and panties.

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