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Thread: Tatoos and infantilism

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    Default Tatoos and infantilism

    I love getting new ink. There is nothing like the sting of the needles and the smell of A and D ointment on a fresh tattoo.

    So what is the general consensus on tattoos and infantilism?

    Do you feel it is generally a turn off or does it not bother you?

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    I am inked up myself, well I only have 5 tats, they are on my upper arms, they usually dont bother me when in AB mode, ill admit sometimes when in AB mode I look at them and I think adult but it quickly fades away

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    Thats as many as I have. Well that's if you count a very ugly one that had to be covered up.

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    I love tattoos! Getting tattooed is one of my favorite thing in the world. That being said, when I'm in diaper mode I find them to be counter productive...? I think that is the best way to put it.

    I always tried to cover them up with foot pajamas or something of that nature.

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    Tattoo's=Love. :3 Personally i think it says more about a person when they can tell a story about the ink they have.

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    Well, I've contemplated on numerous occasions getting a tattoo of various sorts.

    I don't think it would ruin the fantasy, I've never got one because I keep deciding not to for other reasons (Job prospects, permanent change, etc.)

    In the end, I doubt I will ever get a tattoo. But I love the look of them (sometimes)

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    I have 5 on my upper arm. They are there when I want them to (beach, tanktops) but a normal t-shirt will cover them, so I'm perfectly happy about them. Not sure if I'll get more one day, if so, I'll have to think a bit more about what I want than when I was 17

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    I have one on my back between my shoulders. When i remember its there it takes some of the innocence out of the baby. it just doesnt belong.

    There are some that I would like to get once I get my pubic hair lasered off.

    A set of lines down the inside of my thigh, they are like a ruler for saggy diapers, each line would have- DRY, WET, SOGGY, and DANGER on it.

    a diaper pin above my junk or something abdl in that area.

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