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Thread: Opinions on 'Potty Training'

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    Default Opinions on 'Potty Training'

    Generaly, 'Potty Training' is used to describe someone other than oneself, I'm thinking. There is a whole range of definitions, from 'makes it all of the time, day and night' to 'makes it most of the time with occassional accident x times in a given time period' to 'uses potty for A but not for B'.

    Generally, in this context, whether the 'Potty-Trainee' (??) chooses to use the diaper, or NOT use the potty, doesn't really count, other than as an 'accident'.

    Now, I would assume most everyone here knows when they have to 'go', and chooses whatever is most prefered at the time.

    If, for some oddball reason, however, we were to apply a definition of 'Potty Trained' to ourselves, what sort of responses might we get?

    Myself, for example, am very capable of 'holding' everything for long periods of time. I regularly wear diapers both for the physical comfort, to feel 'little', and for the intended purpose. 99+ percent of the time, I am in control, though I have experienced the occasional 'desperate accident' (while diapered) from reaching my limits.

    When I wear, I usually wind up wet, sometimes multiple times. I usually wear at home, evenings, nights, and mornings.

    So, from an external observer, disregarding my *inner* knowlege, I might *NOT* be considered 'Potty Trained' (night-time, or day-time), based on 'daily' 'accidents'


    Of course, there is a simple definition of
    'Potty Certified, but will use Diapers when Available';
    but that would defeat the purpose of the question, and take all of the fun out of things.

    Any thoughts?

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    Small people sometimes are "potty trained" in that they know exactly what to do, and have the ability to perceive that they need to go potty, but go potty in their pants, perhaps lacking the maturity to break away from what they are doing soon enough. as early on the interval between perceiving and wet pants is pretty short.

    There are also those who have the physical capability and knowledge of what to do who for emotional or maturity reasons choose not to heed the need to go and may remain diapered until they decide they are ready or simply do it in their pants if someone has decided they shouldn't be in diapers any more. I've seen both.

    Also there are those who consent to go peepee in the potty but refuse for emotional reasons to poop in the potty, often wearing big-kid underpants by day and diapers at night, often needing a change between diapering and bedtime... we know they have the physical control because they don't poop in their underpants.

    Many of us DLs are like the few who don't mind being wet (although most likely they do have the physical control) and maybe aren't ready emotionally to tinkle in the potty most of the time, but don't like the feel and smell of poop so they tell someone when they need to go, and poop in the potty but wet in diapers or pants. When I choose to be diapered this is how I do things most of the time; sometimes going tinkle in the potty and sometimes wetting my diaper or pants... but only rarely do i poopoo in the diaper.

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    Not quite what I was aiming for - though you have a point by bringing up the 'psycologically not ready but physically capable' ?shade? of the gradient.

    I'm not quite sure how to describe the question in terms of story point of view;

    1st person would be

    'I am (or am not) Potty Trained'.
    I dont think anyone over the preschool age hears that phrase much, or says that much in conversation.
    Somehow I can see that being a Faux Pass at the superbowl party, though I am sure that one could devise a scenario where some 20-somethings could plausibly use the phrase 'Potty Trained' to describe another 20-something in public or semi-public setting.

    3rd person would be
    'Jr is Potty trained. We finally got ...'

    So, the trick is to go from 'I occasionally(rarely, frequently, always) wear (use) diapers for ...' to

    'He/She/Name wears (uses) diapers' and,

    logically, a conclusion

    'He/She is (or is not)... Potty Trained...(in some spectrum of the definition)'

    So, where do we define ourselves on this scale? Anyone?

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    Trained means you have received instruction on how to do something, and at the time of being awarded the certification proved adequate in doing the task you were in training for. There is no requirement that you have to use the training all the time if you don't want to. You can be trained in how to operate a car and still crash the car, or never drive a car again after taking your license test. If you have the training and choose not to use it, you're still trained.

    Even if you have a physical impairment that requires you to be protected at least some of the time, you have still received the training and you are practicing it to the best of your abilities (unless you opt not to). For example, you could still train other people how to be potty trained, which means you must have mastered the training at some point. The only people I would say they are not potty trained are those who truly have never been through it, have always been in diapers 24/7, and would have difficulty using a toilet to eliminate waste in a sanitary manner.

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    This is something that I've thought about before as well. I just looked up "toilet trained" in the dictionary and the definition was simply "trained to use the toilet". It didn't say anything about actually using it.

    Almost everyone on this site chooses to wear/use diapers to a greater or lesser extent. That doesn't mean that we are un-potty-trained. It just means that we're temporarily making a decision to ignore that training and do something else. A useful analogy might be that you're licensed (trained) to drive a car, but you can still catch a bus without losing your license.

    I've been 24/7 for over a year and I can 'go' in my padding without making a conscious effort. I could however stop wearing padding and go back to using the toilet without any problems. I therefore consider myself to be both potty trained and diaper trained at the same time.

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