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Thread: I've been diapered 24/7 for a year now!

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    Talking I've been diapered 24/7 for a year now!

    It's been 31,557,600 seconds, 525949 minutes, 8765.81 hours, 365.242 days or, put simply, one year since the 26th of August 2011. Many notable events have taken place on the 26th of August, but one that Wikipedia has unaccountably forgotten to mention is that the 26th of August 2011 is when I made the switch from underpants to diapers.

    In my eight week milestone and six month milestone threads I discussed some of the benefits, drawbacks and experiences I've had during this time. Over the last six months the story hasn't changed - it's still an awesomely great experience and I still find them to be convenient, comfortable and reassuring to wear.

    I still occasionally get asked if I've lost any control as a result of wearing for so long. Just like before the answer is 'no'. I still have full control, although I can go without thinking about it when I'm diapered. The way I've been describing this is that I've become diaper trained.

    The cost of being diapered 24/7 is still the biggest downside. It's not prohibitively expensive but it certainly is something you need to budget for. In my case I feel the cost is worth it for the satisfaction I get from wearing. However, if my circumstances changed and I found myself with less money then that may well change.

    One thing this year has done is confirmed my admiration for the people who don't have any choice over whether they wear or not. There was nothing to stop me from saying "I've had enough" and stopping right there and then. I'd advise the people who post threads asking if they can become incontinent to sit back and actually think about what the implications of that could be on your life.

    As with last time there isn't much point to this post, I just wanted to immortalise the one-year mark and to share my thoughts with the community. If anyone's got any questions about wearing 24/7 I'd be happy to try and answer them.

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    Default I've been diapered 24/7 for a year now!

    As someone who is about to try this for a month, what did you use?

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    So did you take the whole plunge and use your diaper 100% or did you poopoo in the potty instead?

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    Hey mate,

    congratulations! Hope your budget will stay big enough for the future to come and you'll invite us to the Silver Anniversary!


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    Congratulations, I might try this for a week but I do have 2 brothers and a dad that don't know about my AB/DL life, so it might be a bit tricky.

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    How much does one diaper-pack (the brand that you have used the last year) cost in your country/store?

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    Wow, that's a lot, it's been a month and those goodnites are still in my closet.

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    I wish I could go diapered 24/7, but my parents aren't very supportive. So... Too bad for me.

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    Congratulations. I tried go 24/7 but I got sick of it after 3 days (that's my record). So it's just a peanut compared to yours! hehe... anyway glad to see you are doing so well for that and keep it up... whatever makes you happy and satisfied.

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