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Thread: Barbecue; American, Brit, Aussie, Kiwi or what?

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    Default Barbecue; American, Brit, Aussie, Kiwi or what?

    Just wanting to see how many of the good folk here at Adisc partake in the ancient art of slapping a few steaks on a barbecue and having a good time, in relation to your nationality. Archer and I were discussing this, and we couldn't decide if it originated in Britain or America. If anyone could shed some light on the matter, well, much appreciated! :p

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    Barbecue - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It said that barbecue Is popular in USA,UK,Canada,Australia,NZ But I couldn't decide where it comes.

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    I'm pretty sure any independent group of humans that discovered fire shortly thereafter discovered the BBQ

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    Grilling and barbecuing are entirely different things. One does not barbecue steaks. One grills steaks.

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    can't stand them. and i usually can't stand the kind who have them; especially when they do so just a few feet away from thousands of pounds worth of kitchen (not to mention the house around the kitchen) and all the time and effort that's gone into developing modern housing so that we don't have to stand in the rain/baking sun, eating fly-ridden food like tramps and dogs.

    you wouldn't bathe in a muddy puddle, would you?

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    In the summer (around Christmas) I like to get up at 10 crank up the barbi and cook myself an epic feed of bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, baked beans, cooked tomato and sausages. Normally I don't need to eat again until tea time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by happysnaps View Post
    I'm pretty sure any independent group of humans that discovered fire shortly thereafter discovered the BBQ
    Anybody whose never food cooked over an open fire don't know what there

    missing. Whether it's in a cast iron skillet or open grates.

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    The British barbecue is a very spontaneous event due to the nature of our weather during summer, we don't have summer all at once but spread over random days over a few weeks in August if we're very lucky. As such barbecues are planned on the day they're held as to avoid the disappointment of bad weather that will inevitably happen if you plan more than a day in advance. The people will frantically run to the nearest Tesco or Sainsburys and buy as many burgers and sausages as they can fit into a basket along with some disposable barbecues that are made from flimsy tin foil, the barbecues will be difficult to light and any appearance of a cloud will open up discussions about the possibility of rain occurring, the food will be cooked poorly but it will all be eaten without complaint. It may not be the best way to do it but it's a British tradition and we're damn proud of it.

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    Wow okay. Thanks for all the replies and it's interesting to hear how you do it in Britain. I do like the sound of the 10am feed.

    And yes, food cooked over fire is uniquely good.

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    Default Barbecue; American, Brit, Aussie, Kiwi or what?

    I'm a year round barbecuetionist.

    Sun, rain, sleet or snow.

    Nothing beats the taste of grilled... Anything.

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