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Thread: Does being an ab make you a nicer person?

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    Default Does being an ab make you a nicer person?

    Does having ab traits infuence how kind or nice you are in a more public setting and to others? I'm curious what everyone has to say on this topic.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong spot.

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    I dont really think so at all sure some ab people can be awesome some aren't its the same ratio as any group of people. I do see some people use it to better their behavior, others ab side is incredibly selfish.

    Here's another way to look at it kids can be cruel :p not intentionally so but just because they perceive right and wrong very differently they have a very immature sense empathy. In saying this we aren't children and in a public setting we should act accordingly.

    Also suggesting that we are basically better for being an ab over all ( i mean this as a community not as an individual criticism). Is a flawed way of looking at it and IMO elitist as all fuck. Furries arent better people for being furries, im not superior because im an gamer, basically you can only be a better person based on your personal choices no one group can claim to be better people just because they belong to that group. I find its a very flawed logical process and can lead to bad decisions in peoples life.

    Of course you and others arent any worse for beings abs either =)

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    I think that ABDLs are forced to be more open-minded, at least if they don't want to go crazy hating themselves. While being open-minded is certainly not the same as being nice, I do think that it is a contributing factor. So I would say in part - yes.

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    Not at all.

    I'm a bIg time jerk sometimes and it has nothing to do with diapers hahaha.

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    In my opinion no. You could be the worlds biggest asshole and be an abdl.

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    Default Does being an ab make you a nicer person?

    While a lot of ABs are amazing people, I can definitively say that not all ABs are nice, sane or even decent human beings. We have our bad apples, too.

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    Not really, no.

    I have met some wonderful ABDL's and some not so wonderful ones. I have also met some wonderful furries, "norms", treckies etc. I don't think being ABDL leads to people being nicer. I would say it does usually lead to them being more open minded, having said that I have met some "norms" who are far more open minded than some ABDL's that I have met. I don't really think it influences being nice at all.

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    I think in general, everyone with a more "odd" fetish (if I may say so) is at least more respecting and accepting of others. Whether that makes you a nicer person I am not sure (you can still be an a**), but at least in terms of discriminating and judging, I think being an AB/DL simply makes you more open-minded about other things, whether it is fetish, culture or whatever-related.

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    I think it made me a better person but not necessarily nicer. I also wouldn't say that it's exclusive to the ABDL thing or a requirement of it but as others have noted it does tend to broaden your thinking a bit. Members of any fringe group could easily make that claim and of course one might also manage it just by being clever without any big personal lfie examples.

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    I have not read all the replies just the open post sorry I little busy will re-read later, but no everyone as a good side and mean side and I known some really $^&%$ ABDL's in the past but I have also known some lovely people also, I think its just down to the person I really don't think the childish side would make them a better or worse person then they already was.

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