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Thread: Jerry Nelson, Puppeteer for the Count, many other Muppets, dead.

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    Default Jerry Nelson, Puppeteer for the Count, many other Muppets, dead.

    This is old news (as of two days ago), but Jerry Nelson, who was with the Henson/Muppet family since 1965, died Friday from complications related to his various cancers.

    I'm a huge Muppet/Henson fan, and a great fan of Mr. Nelson's work. It's sad to see him go. He taught a lot of us how to count.

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    I heard about his death as well. I've been watching Sesame Street since the late 60's and I remember Count Count well. Back in the late 60's, Sesame Street was a new way to educate pre-school children, and especially the economically deprived.

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    He voiced Emmet Otter

    This outtakes video is hilarious. There's a running "gag" where the actor's stay in character even while not shooting.

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    The man was a legend in the Muppet world... I learned to count too via Sesame Street and I admit- I hold Sesame Street in high regard as it was a part of my formative years and I only wish my stuffed Big Bird had survived the years but alas, he didn't. Plus, I think he rotated between myself and my sisters.

    The Count is why I can count I guess... plus I do remember a song from a movie that was made by Sesame Street called Follow That Bird and there is a part of the song also sung by Waylon Jennings which has the Count counting the telephone poles. The song is, There Ain't No Road Too Long.


    I think later I may watch Follow That Bird out of respect of Jerry Nelson...

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