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Thread: Huh? I'm not new...

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    Default Huh? I'm not new...

    ...but I made this topic anyway! Unfortunately, there's nothing to see here, so move along. Well, not much to see anyway. I kinda suck at introduction threads and sometimes just don't even bother.... but I am this time!

    I like.... stuff. I will explain further, so don't kill me. I like video games (I have everything but an up-to-date PC, which I won't be getting anytime soon), music, reading astronomy articles, reading about robotics and AI, reading about other types of science, TV, movies, paranormal & conspiracies (some topics more than others. And there are some conspiracies that I just don't buy), and..... I guess that's enough for this short paragraph-list-thing. There's definitely more, but that's all I can come up with right now.

    I am a babyfur (though lately I don't seem to be doing too many furry activities. And I've never really been to a convention.). I also haven't worn a diaper in a while, but I'm probably not alone.

    I think this is all good enough to post.
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    That is a good post.
    What part of paranormal are you interested in? Ghosts? Angles? Spirits? Do you believe in them?

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    Ghosts, kinda. I think maybe they exist, but I'm just not sure. I'm more interested in aliens, UFOs, and stuff like that. I also kinda think there might be some real psychics out there (though many fakes too).
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