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Thread: Choosing a Cloth Diaper

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    Default Choosing a Cloth Diaper

    Hey everyone. I'm getting ready to order some cloth diapers for my self. I read the article on Cloth diapers and it was very informative. But I want some opinions on who I should order from, which are best Etc. The article gave me some facts so now I'm just looking for a few opinions from the community. If you could just say the type of cloth diaper you like most (brand, shape, fabric and cover) and why you like them the most I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance

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    Hey mate,

    I'm surely no expert as I started using clothes only a relative short time ago. I ordered my first prefolds including inserts from baby-pants and a short while later from fetware. I'm very happy with both of them, they are all good quality as far as I can tell yet. However, the fetware ones are rectangular while the baby-pants ones are squares. I ordered M's of both, but through the rectangular shape the fetware ones are already on the small site for me (still fitting), so a large should have been better. Anyway, I can recommend both, just make sure you get the proper sizing.

    If you haven't found it already, there is also a group for cloth users: Click


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    If you're inclined towards prefolds, then I'll second Chucky's recommendation of the Baby Pants diapers. I really like the more "square" shape of them, which is in keeping with the shape of modern baby prefolds, and just makes everything easier (more versatility in folding, better chances of using Snappi fasteners instead of pins). The Changing Times and Rearz diapers are my favorites by a hair, in large part because they are precisely grown-up versions of the popular twill baby prefolds from Green Mountain and elsewhere, and are made by the same manufacturer as many of those baby diapers (Ashar). Changing Times is just about out of business, unfortunately, so my next batch of these will have to come from Rearz (in Canada).

    In general, I have a strong preference for twill fabric in prefolds. I really like the way it gets all quilted when shrunk, mainly because it reminds me of the old Curity prefolds I wore as a kid. The only real downer with twill is that it is somewhat more difficult to get pins through, something which is easily remedied by running the pins through your hair first (to get some oils on them), storing pins in a bar of soap, or else using non-pin fasteners, like Snappis or Boingos.

    I also have gauze prefolds from Adult Cloth Diaper and Angel Fluff. They're both good, and both very different. The ACD prefolds have a much more classic, rectangular shape, which doesn't work quite as well for my body (though they'll do custom sizing). The Angel Fluff diapers are thin, but extremely stretchy due to a unique material that's unlike anybody else's. They're expensive, but if you're looking for a super-snug, almost underwear-like fit in a prefold, these diapers are how to do it! The texture of the fabric isn't my favorite, but I can't deny that the Angel Fluff diapers are extremely comfortable.

    All that said... what are you looking for, exactly? Coming from disposables, prefolds are definitely going to be a major "change."

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    I'm looking for something soft, bulky and absorbent. I'd prefer contoured diapers but from what I've read the prefolds are the way to go. I tried ABU's AIO velcro diaper, sitting in it now lol, and it's really comfy but I don't want the rest to be AIO. I'd like a bit of choice as to how thick/thin my diapers at any time would be. So I know the contoured or prefolds with plastic would be the way to go for me.

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    Personally, I'm a big fan of the old-school flat, not prefold, cloth squares from I like the ability to fold and layer to my preferences that they afford (I like the kite fold, with tweaks to fit me), and I like the price. They also hold up pretty well. I've had mine for at least two years now, and they're just now starting to show signs of wear.

    They also do have contoured diapers and prefolds there, so if that's your thing, I would imagine that they're of similar construction quality and would probably be pretty good products.

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    The Fuubuu cloth diapers that you can purchase on eBay are pretty good. They have contoured diapers that have Velcro adhesives without a waterproof lining. I have one from them that is very soft and I add baby prefolds to make it thicker. Then I put on plastic pants. They are priced nicely for the amount of quality you are getting.

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    I got a couple cloth diapers on ebay that are called Dependico, they are AIO cloth diapers and are so nice and comfy and absorbent

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    Along with Chucky and Cottontail, I also recommend Baby Pants. The prefolds are amazing, and they have not disappointed me once. I'm not sure about the inserts, twill, or gauze, but the prefolds or the "training" pants (if you like pull-up style diapers) are definitely the way to go.

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    I'll put in my two cents as well. I get the night weight gauze pre-folds from Adult Cloth Diaper Company, which I think is Altogether Enterprises. They are quite thick and hold a lot. I like the high back plastic pants as they cover well when I'm asleep in bed, which is important. They do take longer to dry because of their thickness. If you want something thinner, get the Day Weight. Be sure to order some diaper pins if you don't have any. I like the real baby pins (smaller size and smaller diameter). The smaller diameter makes them easier to push through the fabric.

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    Thanks one and all for the reply's. I'm doing some research now into all the companies you said to go to and will be ordering soon. I can't wait

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