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    Smile Autumn Leaves

    I always look forward to every season and the things about each one that bring out the child in me. With Autumn, it has always been the leaves. Shame they stay at their near-peak/peak colors for only a few short weeks. I'd love seeing them out our windows for several weeks if they only could hang on that long. Back in elementary school, one of the teachers showed us how to preserve the colors in the leaves for a longer period of time. What you do is tear off two sheets of wax paper (everyone used waxed paper to wrap sandwiches back then), space your leaves out between them and run an iron over the top wax paper sheet so a thin layer of melted wax seals them between the sheets. The wax paper is pretty near transparent allowing you to see the colors clearly. Can't remember how long the leaves lasted, but we had them hung up in our class during the Fall to enjoy for about a month. The fun thing about Autumn leaves? Why, raking them up in piles to jump and hide in! It was like they were made for kids to romp around and have fun with before the days of plastic ball pits.

    May the little child in you always stay alive and well.


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    Lol Pram, I remember that we always did that trick to make place mats for our Thanksgiving dinners (Canada has theirs in October, and usually the leaves are at their peak around the same time in my area)

    I like these shots of colour that some people have taken (these are a stone's throw away from my house)

    The Road Ahead on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    The Beauty of Autumn- Huntsville Lake of Bays Canada on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Fall At Rattlesnake Point #3 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    That's the one thing I love about living in Central Ontario, it's the beauty of hiking through it all year long.

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    WOW, that was beautifully said, Pramrider! You've hit it exactly, that feeling of being a kid when you crunch over a forest bed of leaves or dive and roll into a huge pile of them. Fall is my favorite season!


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    Very nice, Pram! I love the leaves too... Last weekend, when we were finished hauling in the wood, we all jumped into our huge leave pile and buried each other. I can't remember the last time I had laughed so hard :-)

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    hehe, I remember we used to make forts out of the autumn leaves at school, then they made our clothes dirty and we got pretty much punished for it at home... still, loads of fun ^^

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    Leaves are fun. I still jump in them occasionally - in public mind, and I don't care if people see me. There is one pile of leaves really annoying me by my bus stop - it looks so inviting, but I know inside there is just a tonne of rubbish and I don't want to go jumping in that.

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    I was never much of a leaf-pile-jumper....but I remember the autumn before my youngest daughter was born and I was pretty much confined to bed. We were staying with my parents and my husband raked up a gargantuan pile of leaves in the side garden (maple, oak, & linden trees all around the border) into which the oldest daughter jumped...all that could be seen was her head peaking out of the top of the pile. We have a pic of that around somewhere.

    The same winter we had a lot of snow early on and my husband and older daughter (she was four 'n a half at the time) made a huge two-room snow fort dug out of the side of the snow piles in the school yard across the street. The rooms were quite large as my daughter was able to stand up in them, or lie they were as wide and as high as she was tall!

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    Well, Pramrider, you pretty much summed that up. This is such a beautiful time of year. A sunny day in October when the weather is crisp but the sun is still shining is just about perfect in my mind. And the leaves are simply stunning. Who knew that death could be so beautiful?

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    Pretty, but I have a massive yard, so I get to pick them up. Lessens the beauty I can see in them, I will never be able to think of them as much as pram, because of the horrors I have experienced.

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