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Thread: Same guy from Illinois! XD

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    Talking Same guy from Illinois! XD

    Well now. It's seems like it's been at least 2 times when I actually introduced with all great detail and such

    But none the Less.
    I guess you can call me MrTails (Not a fan of name distribution)

    lol Other than that...Hello all... I've been always an active member, but due to the recent days, my Google account has been banned (not the first time it happened) and for no reason

    Either way... Hi again
    Feel free to ask any questions. As It would be my pleasure to answer them


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    Your google account was banned? Banned from Adisc, or banned from google? I guess I am confused.

    Either way though... you would probably have to email (moo at adisc dot org) to get your old adisc account switched to a new email or something, because you aren't really allowed to have two different adisc accounts. I suspect that this one will be closed pretty shortly.

    But welcome again... I suppose.

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    I lost the info to the old accounts....And since the emails i used to register those accounts are banned ( no reason) I can't recover them either.
    Idk if it's possible to merge, But if not I want to keep this account, Otherwise I can't even participate... Dual Accounts wasn't intentional...

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    I would think if you emailed moo with your old information. He could put your new emails and stuff on your old account. That way you don't have to start over as a newby again.

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