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    Ok - so whilst this sounds like the name for a really obscure camera review magazine - I thought Id take a moment to try and connect to the other photographers/happy snappers and anyone else who just enjoys using a camera of any type out there.

    On my part I am a final year fine art photography student at a London university. I work in a mix of digital and analogue in various formats including 35mm, 120 (usually in 6x6) and the much more expensive 5x4.

    I'd be interested in knowing if there are another photographers out there - the areas you like to work in and maybe we can share the projects we all work on.

    Also I am happy to offer what advice and experience I have to anyone who wants it.


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    I have a Canon rebel XTI but I don't get much chance to use it anymore. I had a small portrait studio set up in my house so I could help out friends who can't afford an expensive studio.

    My biggest compliment came when I tried to have pictures printed and they refused to print them because they thought I was trying to make coppies of professional prints which is copywrite infrindgment. I had to bring in my camera and memory card with the origional file so they could verrify that I shot the photo.

    I have done a lot of portraits but I love setting the camera to black and white to take pictures of abandoned 100 year old buildings.

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    I am a professional photographer and shoot Film and Digital, still and video cameras.

    Right now my best film cameras are an Olympus OM-4 and a 8mm Bolex zoom reflex p2. For Digital I use a Sony A-350 and a Sony DCR-TRV17.

    I do a lot of video work for my Youtube channel. I mostly do still photos for fun and my work has been published a few times.

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