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Thread: update on telling the gf and office question

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    Default update on telling the gf and office question

    The last time I wrote on here, my girlfriend was trying to find out my sexual desire. To keep you up to date, she stopped asking and haven't brought it up. The time isn't right, but I can see telling her soon.

    Now, question about wearing to office. I wear dress pants and seriously feel that my coworkers would find out. I share the office with one other. I'm able to wear dressier jeans which are easier to mask the bulkieness & noise. I can play music but mostly the room is quite. I do have to walk across the building couple times past an open office which is mostly quite. Anyone have thoughts?

    Also, I run on my lunch break and shower after. I always have my gym bag and always been seen carrying my bag to the shower. It's a private shower so changing is private. My thoughts where to change my diaper on my lunch break after I shower. But! I drink lots of coffee thus needing to empty the bladder multiple times. I'm not sure the diaper can hold.

    Does anyone have tips they can share?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also, I have diapers coming in the mail tomorrow!

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    it's fairly unusual (around these parts anyway) to run AND shower on your lunch break. Diapers don't hold up terribly well to physical exercise. They tend to soak up lots of sweat, stick to the skin, clump badly, and can tear. (I found you don't wear cushies while bike riding without wearing briefs over them, the seam in the shorts eventually wears through the shell)

    I recommend some test runs at home before running in them at work. You may change your mind about that.

    And work on your wearing at work before wetting. Definitely don't wet the first day (week?) you wear to work. Wear your dress clothes at home to judge how obvious things are. Remember, others won't be as focused on your crotch as you are, and the odds of someone saying something even if they DO notice something odd, are remote.

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    Ughhh.. you're just asking for trouble. Why impose the fetish on your co-workers?

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    i wouldn't reccomended it, and if you wet to much and it leaked and people found out? would be to embarrassing for me and i would have to quit, so unless u could deal with the consquences why risk a good paying job? especially in this economy.

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    Do you actually run in the diaper? I have made my bf run in his diaper before and he said it did ok. It was noisy though...

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