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Thread: Need help from diaper EXPERT.

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    Default Need help from diaper EXPERT.

    I need help from someone who is knowledgeable about the various brands and sizes of adult diapers (preferably the ones found at walgreens).

    I am planning on replenishing my stash of Diapers. I haven't had any in a while and I have NEVER had an adult brand before. This is where I need your help. You see, my goal is to be in and out. Real quick. I don't want to run into anybody that I know and I don't want to be around long enough for anybody to remember my face (yes I am slightly paranoid). So that means, I can't be standing in there for a long time figuring out what I need. Thats why I want to know what I'm getting before I even enter the store. That way it'll be quicker. I have an airtight plan for everything, only a few factors need covering.

    The two variables that I need your help with is: The size of the box and the brand (and waist-size) of the diapers themselves.

    Lets start with the box size: While I DO want as many diapers as possible, I can't have an enormous box. You see, I have a one strap back-pack. It is what I will be carrying the box inside of. This backpack is smaller than an average backpack but it still is quite roomy. Just keep in mind that the box can't be too big.

    And now to the brand: As I have said, I've never bought adult diapers before. I don't know anything (aside from very elementary knowledge) of adult brands. I fit very well into Goodnites. I can fit into pampers cruisers size 6 (with a bit of a stretch but it still works). I want a diaper that is thick, comfy, sturdy etc. that will fit me. Remember, if you have a diaper that fits you, don't assume that it'll fit me. I don't have a way of measuring my waste but I fit perfectly into L-XL goodnites. I am very skinny.

    Now, based on all of this data, can you give me a suggestion on what I should buy? Justify your suggestion with a description of: the box size, thickness, sturdiness, comparison to a L-XL goodnite waste size etc.
    And obviously please name the brand and size you recommend for me.

    Please respond I require the knowledge of the community in order to commence my operation! Thanks!


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    Go to the Wallgreen's web site and go to the incontinence section. Do your research there on what you want. Go to the store locater and type in
    your zipcode. That will tell what they stock. Then all you have to do is walk in and pickup what you want and pay for it. All diapers are packed
    in plastic bags. No boxes.

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    Thats step 2 for me. I need suggestions first because I want to narrow down the amount of research that I have to do. Thanks for the zipcode idea though, very helpful to know if they have what I am looking for.

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    Also, I am looking to buy diapers with straps. unlike pullups and goodnites.

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    If your Wallgreens is anything like the one here where I live they will have all of their own label in stock. If they stock Tena or Depends it will be

    pullups only.

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    I would add that, while I haven't tried the Walgreens diapers, I've walked past the bags and they look fairly large--not like something you'll easily drop into a backpack.

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    Our Walgreens stocks Prevail. If yours does as well, snag some Overnights. They're a bit better than regs in my o. Should fit in your bag as well. BTW, the way I got over my paranoia was the day I bought a twelve pack of Bud bottles and a bag of Attends. After that experience, nothing phases me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtrabulk View Post
    Our Walgreens stocks Prevail. If yours does as well, snag some Overnights. They're a bit better than regs in my o. Should fit in your bag as well. BTW, the way I got over my paranoia was the day I bought a twelve pack of Bud bottles and a bag of Attends. After that experience, nothing phases me!
    I'm putting a Bud in thru the top now. maybe it''ll come out in the Attends i've got on later.
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    My best advice is make sure you know exactly what you're looking for, and have a backup plan in case they're out. The less time you spend in the diaper aisle staring at the diapers, the less stressed you'll be.

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    If you have a one strap backpack, and since you are looking in stores, your choices might be limited.

    1. Pull ups. Tena (if they have them, either hit or miss here, I would give it a 50% chance of having them. The ones you get its stores are...not great like the actual diapers online.
    2. Depends Pull ups. Worse than Goodnites. I wouldn't waste my time on these. You would be better off with a plastic bag and napkins.
    3. Pampers/Goodnites. Sounds like you already have experience with these.

    Actual diapers? Well that makes it tricky. They are called "briefs" in the stores. The problem here is that the pack *might* be too big for your pack, I really don't know, but even the smallest pack is pretty good sized. I would look at the pack in the store first and see if you can get that in.

    Now, if you decide to get the full of diapers, I would go for the Walgreen's Cerenity (its something like that, not sure what the exact name is) brand. I would skip with the depends max diapers, while they are plastic backed (not sure if you want that or not) they are more expensive (slightly, this is really a moot point) and I dont think they work as well.

    Sizes come in a medium, which is like 23-34 or something I think, should work for you, you can adjust them since they are tapes.

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    Best thing is to recon the diaper isle first.

    From experiance, diaper packs NEVER fit in backpacks unless you have a big mountain hiking back pack... Those a huge and fit a small child in.

    Anyway, you did not provide a crutial information: Your waist size.

    Adult diapers work with waist size. If you fall in the range, they fit.

    For example, I'm a size 32 and the Medium fit me perfecly.
    Refer to the size chart of your chosen brand before buying. Most brands have the same size chart. Though the fit might be different, as the cut of the diaper is not the same.

    Store brand have larger, more square cut and feel more baggy.

    Your air tight plan need to revolve around the exfiltration part from the store. Adequate transportation is key. Your best bet is opaque trash bags. Because you will need to hand carry them.

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