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Thread: Need help choosing a name.

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    Default Need help choosing a name.

    So yeah I made my fursona and a baby fursona. But I can't think of names. :P So I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions.

    My fursona is a white wolf/warewolf/lightning nymph with icy blue eyes and purple lightning bolt markings on the back, tail, arms, and legs while in warewolf form. In wolf form same thing except there arn't any markings on the legs.

    My babyfur is a white sea otter with black features and blue eyes (I like blue eyes :P)

    Anyway, name suggestions please. Ill let you guys know what I choose.

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    I can't think of any good names for you, but I have some suggestions on what you can do to find one on your own.

    There's a website called Behind the Name: Meaning of Names, Baby Name Meanings This website lists thousands of names from many cultures and has several other features including a random name generator and names organized by gender and origin.

    You could always use a thesaurus to discover new words and use those as a name. You'd never guess how many neat words exist that you've never heard of. | Find Synonyms and Antonyms of Words at

    Google Translate is my favorite and it's how I got my current fursona name. Just pick a language and type in a word, then you can fiddle with the result to make an interesting label for yourself. Google Translate

    You could also just mix up any word to make it yours. Take the name Sally, mix it up a bit, and call yourself Lasly or Laysl.

    The limit is your imagination, the possibilities are endless! You can truly come up with something unique and your own. Have fun and good luck!

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    Default Need help choosing a name.

    I just use my name, because my fursona is essentially me. I guess my reasoning was: why give myself a different name just because the body is different. Plus I'm shit at thinking of names.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supersam1223 View Post
    I just use my name, because my fursona is essentially me. I guess my reasoning was: why give myself a different name just because the body is different. Plus I'm shit at thinking of names.
    See i felt like my name just didn't fit. So i used an old nickname i had. Thinking about a name change though pretty soon.

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    when coming up with the name "faygo" i had alot of things go through my head..
    i needed something that i liked..that i could remember..and..something fun
    in the end im glad i used the name faygo,actually
    because it all happened to work out perfectly
    the colors of faygo describe me..and her name ALONE is a brand of soda XD
    im addicted to soda..i couldnt go a day without like..5 cans XD
    so..i took into consideration everything and decided upon this
    but a couple names (for if you are still looking) that i like are
    and im not even kidding about "etcetera" ..its a cat from the musical "cats" XD
    they have interesting names like
    bombalerina,jemima,etcetera,munkustrap,jellylorum, grizabella,...i hope this is helpful XD

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    I type in objects i liked/characteristics of me in google translate and messed around with languages to get mine. I put smoke in and it ende up being ryge in swedish i think, I sis a little thinking and changed it a little bit to get Ryga

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    I too had a tough time coming up with a name for my fursona. I ended up taking the words paw and wolf then combined them. I know it's not very original and I thought it was a stupid name but rolled with it and turned out to be pretty good. I am kind of surprised nobody else has thought of it before me if they are a wolf. I suppose you could take something from your past or something you would like to be and put that into the name. Perhaps a favorite anime character or characters if you're into that kind of thing, I know a lot of people do that too. Good luck!

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    You can name the otter Blu and the wolf Stryke! For the blue eyes and the lightning-bolt markings! oOo

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    How 'bout "Zyrrix"(sEEr-ricks)for your wolf character, and 'Clayton' for your Babyfur?

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