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    iv been having these nightmares and i was wondering if they mean anything like is it stress that's causing me to have these nightmares i would also like it if people would comfort me so i would feel better if its ok with you

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    I think you're going to have to give a lot more detail if anyone here can offer specific reasons and perhaps comfort. Dreams are usually symbolic, and often stand for something else. I often dream I'm lost in some strange city, and no matter how hard I try, I can never find my way home. That sounds very symbolic to me. So what's your nightmare?

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    that im trying to get killed by this guy and i try to run away but hes always there and he trapped me in a corner and started throwing me against the wall and he brings a gun to my to my face and says im gonna rape you (like a horror movie) then i woke up scared in the middle of the night

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    It could mean that you have a problem that wont go away by you running from it. I had a nightmare that was in a field. There were thousands of people around me, but I was miles away from them. I thought that this meant Im not connected to other people around me.
    Yours could mean that you need to face your biggest fear in life. I wish I could help more. Maybe if you told a big problem you have in life, we could help more.

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    I have nightmares about post-apocalyptic madness all the time. The only scarey thing about it is that sometimes my dreams have happened exactly in dream as in real life.

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    I've had similar dreams to this. I think it's a frustration dream. We all have things in life that frustrate us and cause anxiety. When whatever is troubling you in real life gets resolved, the dreams will probably end.

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