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    Out of moderation and going to try to work my way back up to Regular and then to VIP, thats right, no more hurtful posts like the the last one that got me in trouble,I learned my lesson, instead I shall be helpful to ADISC community in many ways and make friendly/helpful posts . .

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    Good job. Nobody who makes an earnest attempt to get back in the flow should be moderated for more than a week. Keep up the good work

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    Before we get back on subject can someone please tell me what Point Blanch did to get banned its like he was a regular a second ago and then I return to this thread and it says he is banned. What happened.

    Okay everyone instead, lets just get back on subject and get this thread back on track. Sorry about the double post.
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    He got a 1 day ban for Meme usage in Shoadi's regular member topic that's now closed since Shoadi felt people were being well I can't say.. Frankly I agree with him.

    Anyways if you want to find out why people are banned it says the reasons 99% of the time in their profile. Most ban reasons are public and most seam to be temp bans unless its like lying of age and stuff like that.

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    Me is 69 years old....J/k moo

    Yeah I kinda found the ban Ironic because he posted in here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babyboy89 View Post
    no more hurtful posts like the the last one that got me in trouble.
    Honestly, Babyboy89, I don't even recall what your post was even about. Glad to see you back to regular status once again.Sounds like you're on the right track now.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    I think he said **** you to someone. or something.
    Actually, what I did was call someone a f**, but that was a great guess though Valerye, but anyways back on subject,
    Its good to be back to regular course and I need to give the mods some of the credit for approving some of my posts on time, credit goes to Charlie F, DaveTheNinja, Kraiden, Lukie, Mandi, Martin, Peachy, and Pojo. Thanks guys.

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