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    Default drawing lessons

    i want to draw good but i cant is there a good website i can visit like a drawing lesson website or something i really want to draw good

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    Default drawing lessons

    What do you want to be able to draw? It depends entirely on that.

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    It depends on WHAT you want to draw. And let me give you some advice:

    You can get every tutorial book in the world. For the first couple months, the drawings will probably be crap. But each will be a little better. For the first year after that, they'll be good, but not great. Art is a SLOW upward battle. Emphasis on the word SLOW.

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    Do not be the little girl.
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    i want to draw some battlefield 3 pics, pokemon, some pacifier pics and minecraft pics for my youtube videos

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    because i hv a youtube account and i havent ben uploading youtube vidoes lately and i need to upload some videos soon

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    I'm kinda new to drawing and at first I was god awful. But just keep drawing, look at other peoples drawings, eventually you will get better and find your own style. I had to practice for like a month to get to the point where my work was presentable :P

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