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Thread: I was just discovered!

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    Default I was just discovered!

    So a few days ago my mom confronted me about how when she changed my sheets the mattress looked like it had been peed on and and asked me if I bedwet. Now this puzzled me since eve though i wear often i have never bedwet and make sure i never leak. Just a couple minutes ago she told me that my dad discovered a nappy in the trash (how he did i don't know it went right in the dumpster and was well concealed) and confronted me again. I told her that a long time ago i was extremely sick and bedwet once and then bought nappies and wet that night but that i soon got better and it had never happened again. She says she would like to believe me but finds it hard to and is pressuring me into visiting a doctor... Please guys try and lend me some advice on what to do next... all advice is appreciated.

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    It sounds like she is trying to fabricate a reason to pry into your life. The bedwetting observation seems synthesized from having seen a diaper at some point. The diaper in the trash also seems like another synthesized way to force a conversation on the matter.

    I don't really have much experience with this kind of matter but I question if it wouldn't be better to tell her to stop beating around the bush and be direct. She obviously suspects something for some reason and trying to lye your way around it will just make it harder for you because she will keep fabricating more ways to force the conversation.

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    Its really up to you on where you want to take this...

    Be direct, or go with the flow...

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    Ok I have been though this years ago, However I was only 14/15 at the time and I was more or less marched to the doctor and my mother went in with me. I note from your profile you are 19? I know that after the age of 18 really your parents have no right to demand anything from you. However I was caught again since in my 30's believe it or not at the time my fathers first grandchild was due. I was more or less accused of being a pedophile and was told go see a councilor I did this a couple of times. At which point I learned that really it has nothing to do with my parents and this is more or less a place I go to fell safe? I pretended to go some more times just went for a drive for a couple of hours and made up stuff that was assigned by the councilor for me to get on with and I left it that and as far as I am aware my parents think I have stopped and I will not tell them otherwise. I was threatened at the time that my sisters husband would have to be told about me if I persisted as it could Jeopardize. My sisters relationship with her husband for keeping secrets and they also felt it could have a negative effect on them being able to see their grandchild.... So all I am saying is be careful and if possible deny all hide everything well. Dare I say it dispose of stuff until you get a place of your own that no one has the right to snoop around without your permission. This comment may not have helped but I felt I had to say, my experience in case some parallels.
    Best of luck baby2birl

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    My suggest is tell true it's hard but it's better in the long run and in my option by not refusing to seek help if you're I really think have a problem maybe cause more problem so just be up straight with your Ma and dad no matter they love you they just want know ok because concerned.

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    When I got caught I told my mom the truth. She took me to a shrink, but he was not alarmed by my diaper wearing. Perhaps a good psychologist could actually get your parents off your back, as we now live in a much more liberated world, especially among professionals such as psychologists and psychiatrists.

    If I had a family that accused me of being a pedophile just because I wore diapers, I think I would remind them that I have a very good lawyer, and he enjoys libel suits.

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    What will happen next will depend on how you choose to handle the situation you're having with your mother. The best thing is to tell the truth, but let me tell you: truth can be told at the risk of you mentally and emotionally.

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    Yeah... it sounds like they found out about the diapers, but found out in a manner that you wouldn't like. (aka invasion of privacy) Now all these improbable excuses are coming up, because your parents found out something they shouldn't have, but feel a strong need to do something about it.

    So bite the bullet, come clean and educate them. I believe that they only want to help you. Show them how they can. (aka accepting you for who you are)

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    Well thank you all for the replies, they really give me something to think about and I truly do appreciate each and everyone of them. Let me start by saying that it is apparent that most of you see the best course of action as being truthful with my mother and tell her about my ABDL interests. The problem with this is that I was raised in a very religious (Catholic) household where I can't see my parents as the type to let this sort of thing fly. I for one do not see much conflict with my faith and this kink strange little kink of ours and accept it as part of who I am and embrace being an ABDL for its worth. If I can say the same for my parents, I am not so sure. For example, very recently a best friend of mine came out as gay and although I acknowledge, accept, and abet his sexuality, I can also tell that my folks are holding some of their feelings back on this subject. I know that they tolerate homosexuality and will never really look down on the LGB community and don't see them as bad people, however, they do see it as somewhat of an illness or a short fuse in the brain or what not. I can not begin to imagine their thoughts if they found out their son was part of something far more taboo which includes using diapers for solace and and viewing them in a slightly sexual way.

    Something that really caught my eye in the comments was Kwis' view that my mom suspects something, is prying into my life, and is "beating around the bush." I really have to give you a +1 rep on that because I did have suspicions that my mom knows something about this for a little while so if you picked up on that you must truly be on to something. I don't think I will ask her right up front because I don't think I quite have the balls for that but I will keep my eyes pealed and keep you guys posted on any further developments and once again, 3 cheers and a hug to all of you for reaching out when I need it most!

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    Sorry if my reply is a little late or has already been said but have you considered playing the 'stress incontinence' card. I know lying to parents is hard but if you are worried about your parents reactions, considering they are strict Catholic, it could be the less damaging option.

    Just tell her that whenever you're ill or stressed you 'leak' a little so have to wear the protect the bed. Tell her you've already been to the doctors and he says that there isn't much that can be medically done so wearing is really the only thing you can do.

    Obviously if you've already decided that honesty is the best policy then I wish you all the luck in the world and I really really hope they take it well

    Good luck! xxxx

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