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Thread: Question for guy diaper wearers

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    Question Question for guy diaper wearers

    I'm starting to wear 24/7 and previously at home I'd take a cheap/thin diaper and fold it over my penis and down through my legs. I do this because my penis is either facing to the side or upward and I don't want urine to shoot in the direction where there wouldn't be any padding to absorb. I also feel safer against leaks considering once the first diaper is full, it will just overflow to the other...allowing me to go longer without changing. Am I just being paranoid? I'm finding when I do this (wearing essentially two diapers together like this) that there is a visible bulge just below my belt there the first diaper is folded underneath. At work, I have to tuck in my shirt and I'm afraid the bulge might raise some questions.

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    Mine hangs straight down normaly. Iv'e been wearing 24/7 for awhile now. I've never had a problem when I pee coming out the side and run down
    my leg. I pee in all positions whether sitting,standing,or sleeping. To me it doesn't matter whether I'm wearing a pad inside my panties or a diaper.

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    I'd suggest getting some baby diapers as stuffers if you are that paranoid, it should be far less bulky than wearing two adult diapers. I've never had any trouble with peeing out the top of good diapers though.

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    If funds are not an issue I would invest in a really good adult diaper with leg barriers like Bambino Bellissimo. I have no issue with leaks in various positions whether sitting or lying down. I wear 24/7 as well.

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    When wearing "interesting" thrift store diapers, I double up as well. I make kind of a pouch out of the inner diaper. Like others, I don't really need it with a diaper such as Abina or Dry247.

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    I have a small penis that is pretty much just a knob that sticks straight out rather than pointing up or down, so I never seem to have a problem with leaking other than when I'm laying in bed on my back, sometimes the pee sneaks out the top of the diaper.

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    I always point my penis down when wearing disposable nappies and don't usually have problems with leaks when padded in lille suprem fit maxims which can usually hold lots of wee although to be on the safeside I wear a cloth nappy and plastic pants for added security at night.

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