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Thread: Losing my daddy?

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    Default Losing my daddy?

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry I haven't been on in a while, as some of you will know I moved in with my Daddy (Eeyore) a few months ago and so most of my time has been dedicated to moving, settling in and now cleaning (lots of lots of cleaning!). Because of this baby-time has really been lacking.

    The last time I wore was a few weeks ago. Daddy was working from home and I got padded, put on a baby dress and sucked on my dummy/bottle whilst colouring but it just seemed my daddy wanted nothing to do with any of this. We've discussed it and I've expressed my need for a whole day baby time and he has come back saying that he just doesn't know if he can give me what I'm after.

    I completely respect where he is coming from and he's confessed that he finds it hard to see his girlfriend as a baby now which is understandable. So after lots of discussing we've agreed that we're going to try a whole baby day where he acts as much as possible like any proud daddy would to see if he can get passed the awkward feels he has. It's also to see whether I actually need a whole baby day or whether my own fantasy overpowers the reality that I could get bored after a few hours.

    So basically what I'm asking for is help. How do I help my daddy get past the discomfort he has at seeing his girlfriend as a baby? (For clarity, we've been going out for almost three years and have always engaged in baby-play happily, it's only been the last few months that it's gone)

    Also, suggestions for things to do with my daddy?

    Any help would really be appreciated. I love my daddy, so so much and I really couldn't bear to lose him as a daddy.


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    sounds like he is looking at the adult aspect of your relationship, yes it is very fun being a daddy but after three years he's probably thinking am i going to make this forever or move on. i dont know if you two want children of your own one day but from my past expierence my wife used to encourage baby time whenever i got home from work and was stressed but she wanted children of her own and i kept telling her to wait im not ready. eventually baby time happened less and less.

    i was too focused on the mommy/baby to the point she started to resent me being a baby and threw out my bottles in a fight one time. if you dont wanna lose him then maybe you need to focus on the adult part of the relationship and find out whats wrong like why cant he see u as his baby girl and girlfriend and what you can do so both of you are happy. like maybe have time devoted to you and him like dates nad then like once a week have your baby time and maybe start while he is gone so you get some out of your system, for me its easier to seperate the adult relationship and adult baby relationship so its not like one minute you two are watching a movie and cuddling where everything is good and the next your calling him daddy, in some ways its like your killing the mood.

    i am very sure you love your daddy very much but he is more than just that.

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    Well as I'm sure you know, every relationship is different and anything the rest of us offer would only be the best we can think of were we in that situation. With that out of the way...

    I actually don't think you need to get your daddy over the "discomfort" of seeing you as a baby. You said you've been together for three years now and that he's previously been perfectly happy and content to play Daddy with you. If he managed to get to that point where he was comfortable and enjoyed doing that with you, it's pretty unlikely he's now truly uncomfortable with the idea. It's much more likely he's "not in the mood" for it, or maybe feeling like you need to spend more time together as adults.

    You said that you two moved in together a few months ago and that's about when getting time as a baby really stopped. I'm sure that must've been really disappointing, thinking it was going to be even more amazing being together and then losing a lot of that connection. In that vein, you might consider what kind of changes living together has brought about. No matter how close you are before, living together always changes things for a couple. Being in that close contact changes how you view that person and you learn things you never knew before. Maybe that has something to do with it.

    But the biggest thing I could think of is just how much stress is going on in his life right now, maybe even brought on by you two living together. Unlike girls, us guys have to make a real effort to be caring and sweet to our significant others, and when we're stressed out we tend to shut down and get very unresponsive as we try to deal with what's going on: usually by doing completely nothing. What was he doing a couple weeks ago when you were all diapered up and feeling "little?" Has he been very affectionate and intimate in your non-baby time together? Maybe he's got a lot on his plate and just can't open up enough space in his head for you right now.

    I hope it's something as simple as that, really I do, but you do have to consider the fact he could have just grown out of enjoying being your Daddy. I personally don't know how I could ever give up that kind of relationship, but I suppose anything's possible. I really hope everything works out for you and him and you get back to having the intimate care as a baby you need


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    Hey guys,

    first off thank you very much for replying, both your comments were really helpful and encouraging so thank you.

    As far as how things have changed, yes I suppose they have. I don't have a job at the moment so Daddy is having to pay for everything (just like a real daddy :P) and I'm sure that hasn't helped anything so yes, it could just be stress. We've booked in a baby-day for the 15th September (if nothing else comes up) so I hope that works out.

    Do you think I'm too needy as a baby and that is what turns him off it? I like lots of cuddles and I really like daddy to take control - get me bottles, decide when I take naps, what I wear, when I get changed, what I eat etc. Is that too needy? Or is that a normal baby's request?

    - Littleabgirl xxxxx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littleabgirl View Post
    Do you think I'm too needy as a baby and that is what turns him off it? I like lots of cuddles and I really like daddy to take control - get me bottles, decide when I take naps, what I wear, when I get changed, what I eat etc. Is that too needy? Or is that a normal baby's request?

    - Littleabgirl xxxxx
    As a Daddy to a little princess of my own, I certainly wouldn't characterize needing cuddles, bottles, naps and the like as "overtly needy." In fact it's pretty much what you sign up for when you take on being Daddy! That's basically the entire job description! XD So from that perspective, I don't think you're being too needy, in fact since you haven't done Baby Stuff for such a good long time now, I would say you're far less needy than most babies.

    I know it's a bit of a chore to figure out, but if you can work out what's going on in his head, everything will go a lot easier for you. Luckily we're generally quite a bit simpler than you females :P So maybe two "most likely" scenarios.

    1. He's grow out of or become disinterested in you being a baby. This has been known to happen when things start as relationships and progress to that caregiver role. Maybe at first he thought it was kind of cute and indulged you because he loves you. But now he effectively has two different people he's in a relationship with, a adult and baby. That can be a lot of effort to ask. If your relationship doesn't feel strained in any other way than this particular area, this might be the case I.E. If he makes time for you to go on dates or have sex (if you're there in the relationship) he's happy with "adult you" just maybe not "little you." Saying he "doesn't know if he can give me what I'm after" is kinda an indicator here :/

    2. He's just really that busy and/or stressed out. I outlined most of this before but if his head is literally "full up" of deadlines and commitments there can pretty literally be "no room" for you. If you haven't been seeing much of his presence in your relationship in general or you're really aware that he has a ton on his plate, this is probably the more likely scenario.

    Whatever's going on with you two, don't despair! Some compromises and changes may have to be made, but there's no reason things can't till work out just fine between you two. Just a couple quick tips though:

    1. Tell him you wan to have some baby time... and then tell him again. Telling us something once is about the same as never telling us at all, especially if we're busy/distracted. Ask him more than once! It'll get through eventually that it's important, just watch the line between important and annoying.
    2. Bargain with him. This is something you enjoy and like to take part in right? Find something like that for him that he loves but doesn't really expect you to take part in. See if you can trade doing that with him, for him doing this with you. Guys love this because they know EXACTLY what they're end of the bargain is.
    3. Wait him out. I know it's been a few months which is why you're probably felling this way now but sometimes these things can come and go. In my own relationship I'm the one who's always on to be Daddy and she's the one who's only occasionally "little." Maybe yours goes the other way. Give it some time.

    That's all I've got for now! I hope this helps and you two can resolve your differences. The Daddy/Daughter bond is so incredibly strong and intimate, I'd hate to see anyone lose it if they don't have to.


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    Thanks so much Luke, you've always been so supportive and kind. Feel free to private message me as you seem really nice and it would be nice to get to talk to you further xxxx

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