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Thread: Who all likes to wear a diaper to sleep ?

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    Default Who all likes to wear a diaper to sleep ?

    Just for comfort who like to wear'em to bed?
    I know if I don't it takes me longer 2g2 bed & when I wake up I don't feel refreshed.
    Also what brand do you find most comfortable to sleep in.....I like sleep comforts the most.

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    I've been sleeping in them lately and also find i sleep so much better n fall to sleep faster

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    ive been sleeping in goodnights because the diapers ive got crinkle to much for me to sleep
    what diapers do u use?

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    I do but usually I actually don't sleep as well (which I'm trying to change by wearing at night more). But I'm wearing the cheap wallgreens ones. I'm going to try the goodnighties as posted above, I think it may have something to do with being loose and moving around when I sleep.

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    definitly makes falling asleep easier, just put one on and all the worries of the world go away and before ya know it im alseep when normally it takes 30min to a hour.

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    I do, a lot. I feel happier in the morning if I wake up and have a diaper.

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    I've recently started to wear traditional terry squares at night. I really like them.

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    While I've gotten to where they're not an impediment to sleep, I don't think they add anything in particular to sleep. I do have a higher incidence of dreams involving diapers while wearing, which can be interesting or dumb depending on circumstance. Although I really enjoy diapers, I usually find them less comfortable than the alternatives (regular underwear or just being naked). All that said, I do like to wear them to sleep but it's just not due to physical comfort.

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    I find I sleep better when padded, it just makes me much more relaxed. It's also good when it's winter and you wake up at 3am needing to go the bathroom, you're snug under the duvet but your bedroom is ice cold. That's a time when you can be really glad you're wearing

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    Q: Who all likes to wear a diaper to sleep ?

    A: Practically everyone that's ever tried it.

    Me for one. I wear every night when I go to bed

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