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Thread: Games You're Currently Playing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustRenee View Post
    I am playing SKYRIM gotta love that game

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    I love the SKYRIM game but is there extra stuff that ca be added ? My son in law said there is a card that can you more features in FALLOUT so I was wondering if there was something like that for SKYRIM ?
    Unless you're on PC and can mod it, then no, aside from the DLC they made for it. No idea what your son in law is talking about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaddedDeist View Post
    Lately I've been bouncing between Minecraft--Java and Bedrock Editions--and World of Warships.
    I just started 3d minecraft on the oculus rift. Standing on a ledge and looking down can give you some real vertigo. Pretty awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    I just started 3d minecraft on the oculus rift. Standing on a ledge and looking down can give you some real vertigo. Pretty awesome.
    Now that sounds like some serious fun!

    I have decided to fire up Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) again after a couple-year hiatus. It's still a good game but they just released a new expansion--Mists of Ravenloft. I don't have it yet since the big bundle I'd want is around $130 USD--it comes with a lot of sweet stuff. The new loot in there is OP but looks like a lot of fun. There also a Sentient Weapon mechanic that you can apply to most epic named items.

    I did get the previous expansions: Menace of the Underdark (Opens up a Forgotten Realms setting once you go through the Demonweb from Eberonn.) and The Shadowfell Conspiracy (It opens up a new area in The Forgotten Realms)

    One nice thing is when an expansion gives you items for your characters, any new characters created will get those items when they are created.My favorites are the special combat companion creatures. They work like a hirelings but their summoning item doesn't disappear after a certain time after first use like the regular hirelings.

    The Underdark pre-order bonus gave you the Onyx Panther (summoned by using a Figurine of Wondrous Power).

    Shadowfell had the different bundles so I was still able to get the heroic and epic level Owlbears.

    Ravenloft has heroic and epic level Scarecrows. I saw one the other night and it was pretty vicious.

    If you have the right feats and enhancements, you can give these guys (and any other conjured, summoned, or controlled creature) some insane boosts in power.

    They also retooled the entire crafting system so I spent a good amount of time converting crafting essences to the new types and dumping old, now-useless crafting shards. However the new system is a lot easier to work with. You win a little and lose a little. I'm not happy at losing shards but this will ultimately be a lot easier on me.

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    Sorry for the dark pic. I wanted something moody so I went to the Devil Battlefield for this pic with my Pale Master.

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    I'm currently playing Dragon Age Inquisition. I know it's a few years old, but my wife got me a Xbox one for Christmas, so I'm catching up on old games. I'm a completionist so I'm exploring every detail of the game. I've logged in close to 200 hours!

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    Elite Dangerous, Final Fantasy XIV, Endless Legend, and Stellaris. Anyone play any of these and want to join up in game?

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    Still playing DDO. I may have to spring for the Ravenloft expansion though. I almost have my Halfling Rogue at max level but I'm also working on Epic Destinies before I look at another Epic Reincarnation. (ER takes a character from level 30 to level 20 and grants them some nice permanent bonuses for doing so. Eventually I'll do a True Reincarnation (down to level 1) for some bigger bonuses and set her working on her second life.

    Right now I'm clearing the Necropolis and eventually I'll get into the Epic Level raid. In the Tomb of the Shadow Guard, it looks like the Phase Spiders have been busy with previous adventurers. lol

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    Still play Lotro and WoW occasionally. Lately I've been doing dosbox and playing some old 90s games.. Xcom ufo defense, (Ufo enemy unknown,) and Master of magic. I love dosbox, I no longer need to maintain a 486 dx4-100 just to play the oldies. Oh I also play most of the call of duty and medal of honor games on a combination of xbox and pc.

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    DOSBox is a lot of fun and it says something when some of the game companies still release some of their old games and use DOSBox to play them.

    I have that for some of the old games that I didn't play since they were not on the Amiga--like Eye often Beholder III which I plan on playing some time once I run a party through the first two games in DOS--especially since you can transfer parties to the next game.

    Amiga Forever and C64 forever are nice packages for reliving some Commodore greatness. Clonanto is doing a great job but with C64 forever, you may have to launch some stuff directly from Frodo's directory to get access to all of the settings but Forever's launcher works for most stuff. Still these guys have been listening to the community and each release keeps on getting better.

    I did try LOTRO while it and DDO were both owned by Turbine. It's a good enough game but I liked how combat is handled and flows in the latter game better. I think I have a Premimum account for the former due to my mass purchasing of Turbine points for DDO. I thought that it was cool that the old company did that.

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