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Thread: Do you think the death penalty deters crime?

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    Default Do you think the death penalty deters crime?

    Hey everyone,

    In another topic, the death penalty was brought up, and rather than steer that other thread off course I figured I'd make another one.

    Anyway, I'm wondering what your feelings are as to whether the death penalty deters crime and also your views on capital punishment in general.

    I think it can deter crime, and I don't think we are strict enough with it. I say bring back the firing squad or ol' sparky. I think our new ol'squirty lethal injection is too nice for people that caused extreme pain and torture to their victims.

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    The whole point of jail is reform. To potentially become a better person. Who are we to say who lives and dies? Lock 'em up for life, that'll teach them more than death, hell, some people want to die. It's not fair, it takes away the right to life, and it's ineffective. And if we euthanize a murderer, are we any better then them? It really is just a revenge killing.

    I suggest watching Dead Man Walking.

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    I definitely think it deters crime among those that stop to think about the consequences of what they might be about to do. Those that don't think are the ones that are lined up for the chair. You might be right about the whole "too nice" thing, but my main concern is making sure the the death sentence is applied correctly every time. There is no room for error when passing judgment.

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    I'd rather see 10 guilty men go free than one man executed for something he didn't do. So no, I don't really support the death penalty. I suppose it's okay for very extreme circumstances, but that isn't often. Oh and Countries without the death penalty seem to be doing just fine. Do I think the death penalty deters crime? I guess sometimes it does, but it's obviously not good enough.

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    I'm with you Ace... I think we should incorporate full-force the death penalty, and make it awful. I don't agree with having people on deathrow forever and a day either. If you're on deathrow, it should be a waiting period of maybe a year, but no more!! Why have a deathrow if people sit there waiting for it for 15 years or so? I just don't get it...

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    The problem with the death penalty is that the court systems are, and never will be 100% right. There is always the chance that someone is wrongfully convincted. Even if it is a 10000:1 chance, it can happen, and has happened. The old addage 'an eye for an eye' is a little crude in my opinion.

    And besides, the crimes that warrant the death penalty (in the states that have it, anyway) are committed by people thinking they will not get caught, or by people who aren't in a proper frame of mind. In either case, I don't think it would deter them.

    *I just want to say that I wouldn't consider myself 'light' on crime, I just think that something as permanent as the death penalty should not be trusted to a system that can get things wrong.

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    I agree with Mandi here. Locking someone up for life is a greater punishment than the death penalty. Now days, they don't even make you feel pain, they just kill you quickly and easily. If capital punishment is in place, it should at least be painful for the person being executed.

    Andy brings up a good point too. The fact that innocent people have been executed for crimes they didn't commit is terrible. So I guess you can say I am against the death penalty in its current form.

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    At the risk of sounding like a really awful person I'm going to say this: There are people in jail for the rest of their lives, and WE, as taxpayers, bear the burden of paying for their food, healthcare, heat, clothes, cable television and whatever other basic needs they have in order to live "comfortably" in jail forever... I REALLY like the death penalty because I really don't want to PAY for this person to live when they've possibly killed other people to get this "live for free" ticket in jail.

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    I think I would be more likely to kill someone I dislike if not for it so I say its working. If I was put in jail for life then all I got to do is beat the crap out of other inmates and get put in maximum security which have no contact with other inmates, they are still let outside and feed and in rare cases can even get some TV or other activities no one in jail should ever get. Your there for punishment not as a retreat.

    Also letting someone live or stay in prison only to be let out when they took one or more lives is kind of odd. They take lives and we grant them the ability to still live theirs out?

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    I am pro death penalty, and have actually served on jury duty on a capital case. Yes we found him guilty and sentenced him to death, the governor later commuted all death sentences to life in prison.

    Personally I think that the crimes eligible for the death penalty should be expanded to include rape and sexual abuse.

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