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Thread: quitting smoking with paci.

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    Default quitting smoking with paci.

    This method is mostly based off of oral fixations and substitution. Many people struggle with quitting for this reason alone. Some times these fixations are even linked back to child hood pacifiers and even breastfeeding.

    So for anyone that wants to quit smoking and loves their pacifier, here is one method I have used.

    I start out with smoking since I like it most. Then cut down to cigars since I don't like them as much. Lastly, I am dipping snuff and It's not hard to quit since I don't like it as much but still want nicotine.

    You can use hookah, chewing tobacco or other forms of tobacco as well based on preferences.

    I start out with my most liked. I have a smoke and the next time I want a smoke, I substitute with my pacifier. I do this for a week or until I have cut down a bit. A pack of smokes lasts me a day at the beginning and two or three days when I step down to cigars.

    Then I bump down to cigars and alternate puffing on one for a few drags and pacifier. This goes on for a week or until I have cut down some more. A pack of black and milds lasts me a day and ends up lasting me for two to three days when I am ready to transition down.

    Finally, we cut down to snuff. If you are at this point, you can most likely quit.
    Feel good, you are on the home stretch.

    Snuff is my least liked of the three and is a lot different from the other two steps. This point, like the others, uses the pacifier to substitute every other snuff use, but it differs where as you always have the pacifier in when you dip.

    The main point of this is to get nicotine satisfaction while having the pacifier in your mouth. You should spend more time on this step than the other two steps due to the psychology involved to make sure it cements good.

    Eventually, you will need the dip less and less and spend more and more time with pacifier in your mouth. This will continue until you can just use the pacifier and be content.

    The entire proccess is done at your own pace as you feel most comfortable, but make sure to set goals with it too.

    Good luck to anyone out there that is trying to quit

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    I heard something that if you don't smoke for 72 hours, you just past the hardest part of quitting. I think the biggest thing to remember is that.

    A. You want to quit
    B. You body doesn't need smoke and in all odd's preforms/functions better without it.
    c. Smoke smells gross when it settles into your clothes which it will many times.

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    Quitting-cold-turkey is by far the most successfull method.

    I know this personally. Not ONE person I know who has tried to quit by "weening" themselves off nicotine has been successfull. Either by Nicotine Patches, substituting products, hpnotherapy, or weening their nicotine use over time. The failure rate is high. ( the reason is: Your'e still consuming an addictive substance!!!) ie: look up the brains reward system. It is a recipe for failure!

    The ones I do know that were successfull quit cold-turkery. They smoked for the last time and upon snuffing out the last cigarette considered themselves non-smokers. Like Fire2box has stated; the first 72 hrs are the hardest. If you are really done using then you will make it past this point. Nearly all of the nicotine in your system is gone within 2 hrs. It explains why we feel the need ( in general ) to have a smoke every few hours. Also, there are alot of good books out there for those who want to quit and recommended because a book is like a tableside friend with all the right words. Most of these books start out by saying that it is not intended to tell you how bad smoking is ( we already know that ) but to educate you on what nicotine does, how it does it, and debunks some misconceptions about nicotine. They describe the light at the end of the tunnel and what the world may look like as a non-smoker the minute you quit. A book on the subject can fuel the determination to say good-bye. They also explain how mild nicotine cravings really are and how to "outsmart" them.

    In my opinion a book on the subject is WELL worth the cost. Heck, you may even find one in the local library to check-out for free.

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    I have quit a few times in the past. This method and cold turkey have both worked for me at times. Stuff happens though. I was quit for two months and caved in due to stress. Was going to school for a forestry degree and it was right after christmas. I was living with my brother. We didn't see eye to eye on something. I ended up living out of my tahoe out in the woods for a month.

    Anyways, reason why I liked this method is because cold turkey makes me eat like shaggy and scooby doo. It's not at meals that I eat more either. I get a snack, go back to what I was doing, and 5 minutes later I'm pillaging the fridge again. And it is a constant thing.

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    I've managed to quit smoking last winter after being a smoker for 5+ years. I was able to go for weeks without a smoke, unless I went out in town or drank, in that case, I cannot get my mind off the craving. As soon as I knew that there was a social activity coming, I would crave and sort of binge.

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    I quit 13 yrs ago. It was basicly cold turkey. I was in the hospital with pneumonia for a week. After I got back home I lit one up and took 2 drags
    off it and put it out. I threw the rest of my cigs away and haven't touched em since. I told my boss at the time I gave myself a $100 a month
    raise. I had smoked for over 40 yrs. i believe fully that it has added yrs to my life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilostthesheriff View Post
    Quitting-cold-turkey is by far the most successfull method.
    Unfortunately it isnt that simple to be honest. You are right that quitting cold turkey does work, but not in all cases. Cold-turkey will not work on people who are nicotine-dependent and this is key to establish due to the fact that this is the reason why they often need to return to smoking (and why they fail several times when trying to wean off). The problem is that the patches that people use are not a replacement to smoking (and the oral fixation is one aspect that shows that these people need more then just the nicotine). This misconception that the patch will just stop all cravings and help stop you from smoking is one that is quite common but is actually completely wrong. The point of the patch is to reduce the symptoms (not remove them entirely) that quitting will have. Even doctors who prescribe nicotine patches should tell you this, along with the fact that people will need to find other ways to fill these cravings and break the habits established.

    These habits are the hardest thing to get rid of. Im sure many smokers here will verify this next point for me. Most smokers will smoke in certain situations (i.e. after a meal, socialising outside with friends, etc) and due to the fact that this is repeated time and time again, the brain recognises these situations as a time to smoke. Therefore, when people attempt to quit and are faced with these situations, they find it extremely hard to resist the urges to smoke (as the brain is telling them that they need to do this because it was always like this before). This is the cycle that needs to be broken. However, this cycle isnt present in all smokers and this is also a factor for why some people are able to quit far easier than others.

    The funny thing is that people who are really dependent upon the nicotine dont actually get the greatest relief when they are smoking. They actually get the greatest relief from the anticipation of smoking (i.e. before they light up their cigarette). This has been shown many times over by functional MRI scans of the brains of smokers which showed that their brain light up the most when they had thoughts about wanting to smoke. It is these people that cold-turkey wont actually work on. You can actually look at the cycle of addiction that occurs in the brain. It is interesting with smoking due to the fact that the reinforcement of smoking is actually what we refer to as negative-avoidance. This means that people do not smoke to get the good feeling (although that might be the case in the beginning and while the person is smoking), but rather, they smoke to avoid the negative side-effects when they try to quit or when they dont get their fix (as im sure people on here will mention how horrible they felt when they went without a smoke due to activities they had on and not necessarily attempting to quit). It is this factor that people who attempt to quit return to smoking as they do not like the negative side effects that they are experiencing and it feels much easier to just leave things as they are.

    Yes, i have heard many people that quit by the cold-turkey method and been fine (my dad was one of those people who just decided that he didnt want to smoke anymore) but i think you will find that the reason why he was able to do that was due to the fact that he wasnt nicotine dependent and didnt have those habits reinforced strongly in his brain as a specific pattern to smoking. These are all things that are important to consider in order for someone to successfully quit.

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    Kinda on topic.

    I quit cold turkey after smoking about 20 years. The problem is that it was replaced with eating. I quit in 2006 and I actually weighed myself last week and found that I have gained 60 lbs since I quit.

    Now I'm trying hard to dump this weight with the help of my binky. When I want a snack I just put my binky in my mouth instead. I have been doing this for a week now so I will weigh myself in another week to see if it is working. I am also changing my eating a little.

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