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Thread: It was evil, it was felt great

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    Default It was evil, it was felt great

    Ok so for a few days now I have been constipated. My aunt thought it would be a great idea to sneak an entire 30 serving canister of benefiber into my 64 oz gatorade. Drank it down unknowingly. Got diapered like I always do. Woke up the next morning with massive cramps. Tried to get up and I lost it in my diaper...All my aunt said was she hoped I was feeling better.... Can this be considered anything ilegal

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    30 servings of benefiber into a 64 oz gatorade would be painfully obvious someone tampered with it. a serving size of benefiber is 2 tea spoons. 30 x 2 tea spoons = 10 oz. that's just under a 1 to 10 ratio of benefiber to Gatorade and I don't think 10 oz of it would dissolve completely into Gatorade or be tasteless at all.

    Plus viewing their website if it's just plain original benefiber, it comes in a 38 serving size bottle not 30.

    Anyways how would she know you were constipated and if she did, why not simply suggest taking some rather then wasting 5+ bucks by sneaking a whole container past you in one sitting? As for it being illegal I guess it could be, but in all honesty would you peruse that course of action? Not to mention it would just words against words with likely no real evidence.

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    Hmmm, well if someone introduced a foreign substance into your food or drink it would be illegal plain and simple. However .... eh, never mind nothing I could say would be better than Fire2box.

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    Default It was evil, it was felt great

    I doubt any court would actually believe she managed to introduce 30 fibre caps into your Gatorade bottle without you noticing.

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    Even if it is it was hardly with malice so no court would convict of her of anything, antifreeze and you'd have a case but not so much with fibre supplements.

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    If it has bad side effects and you get really sick then you'd have a case. But otherwise, it's not worth it to embarress yourself over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thealchemist View Post
    It IS illegal and counts as a class 3 felony. Here is a recent case on the matter.

    Laxative prank at middle school could result in arrest | Norfolk - Hampton Roads
    Fiber isn't classified as a laxative though as far as I known. Also on benifiber's site it pretty much says it's not cleared by the FDA to treat/prevent anything.

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    I see the problem muscle cramps and all are not fun, that and I would not want her sneaking things into my food. I would however talk to her about it minus the diaper, though you might want to consider your diaper experience a bonus unless you truly hate messing. I mean you got to feel like a real baby except for the cramps a truly no control mess, something very few do, I would not recommend using fiber or anything to do this because fiber abuse can cause major intestinal damage, and other problems. That said talk to her about and tell her you appreciate the thought but your old enough to not be embarrassed by needing fiber, and that overdosing you with it was definitely a bad idea. She very well and likely that you would have been embarrassed by it, due to some inclination about it only being for old people which could not be further from the truth.

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    Default It was evil, it was felt great

    My aunt still insists on wiping my ass cause I'm disabled that's how she tracks my habbits.

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