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    What are your thoughts on the passing of the first great

    female comedian?

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    I'm not sure that I'd consider Phyllis Diller the 'first great' female comedian. In fact, I'd put Lucille Ball aeons ahead of her in time and greatness! And if we're really looking for the 'first great female comedienne' I'm sure we would have to look no further than Mae West!

    All of that said, of course, Diller was quite funny, and did much to ensure comediennes of today have an easier time 'breaking into' comedy.

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    I agree with ayanna, not first or greatest but defanatly one of the early and lasting greats with her own style. I grew up watching her antics in the late 60s and early 70s, she was one of those stars who was on almost every show at some time even appering in one of my current faverites Family Guy as Peter's mother Thelma Griffin. Ninety five years is a pretty good run in this life, may whatever afterlife she looked forward to be kind to her.

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    Diller was a legend! I remember watching her on TV as a kid with my grandfather and grandmother as they always loved the older shows and comedians. I also remember her fondly from an appearance on Scooby Doo as herself.

    And yeah- Lucille Ball was ahead of Diller's time but Diller is a LEGEND in her own right!


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    I remember her as well and she always made me laugh. It's hard to believe that she made it all the way to 95. Now she gets to make a whole new crowd laugh. Well, actually, they'll be a much older crowd.

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    She was great. I remember her guest appearances on "The Muppet" show :-) Wow, 95. Anyhow, I think I'm dating myself just by remembering her.


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    I liked watching her on whatever show she was on. To me she was much different than Lucille Ball. Lucy was alot earlier than Phyillis was. Although

    I watched both.

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    Just hearing Phyllis Diller burst out with her classic laugh was enough to make you laugh. Her stand up routines involving "Fang" were always hilarious. She was definitely one-of-a-kind in the world of comedy and it was all clean. She didn't have to get up there and use profanity to get laughs and entertain. She did well making it to a ripe old age of 95.


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