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    Default Diapers and...........

    Diapers and what else. What else do you like to wear with them ?

    This could be something you like to wear on a daily basis, or perhaps another fetish you like to merge with diapers, and thus create a super fetish.

    Some people enjoy wearing regular plain clothes over their diapers, as they love the fact that they know they are wearing, and no one knows.

    Perhaps you like lingerie or silk pajamas.....or...maybe your a partial nudist, but love diapers, so you wear just a diaper around.

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    Personally, I enjoy spandex. I prefer to wear leotards, tights, leggings, unitards, shorts etc. Sometimes I wear over diapers, sometimes I dont. Sometimes I wear a diaper, and no spandex. But not always just shiny spandex, sometimes I like a cotton/spandex blend. I just enjoy the snug, non restrictive feel that is so nice. It feels great to wear, and is even better over a diaper. Lots of threads around saying how nice a leotard or bodysuit is over a diaper, ask it does help to keep the diaper in place. People are just experimenting with this, and are finding out what I have known for years.

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    I often like to wear really thick diapers with a pair of footie pajamas. I generally just sleep or lounge around watchin TV wearing those. If I'm going to be moving around much, then I really prefer wearing pajama pants and a shorter t-shirt. Since they're loose and thin, I can really hear the crinkle and see the buldge. Also, since they're loose and coupled with a shorter t-shirt, the pants tend to slowly drop, exposing my diaper.

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    I like to wear my normal pyjamas and have the nappy just cheekily poking out of the pyjama bottoms / pants

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    In the summer time, I will usually wear just t-shirt and diaper around inside the house. I know that isn't very thrilling or fancy, but it feels good and is about a nonrestrictive as you can get. During the winter months I usually wear flannel pajama pants and a t-shirt around inside the house.

    If I go out while diapered, I just wear my normal clothes over the diaper. I know it's not a very thrilling choice of clothes, but I m the one in the diaper and no one else needs to know.

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    I will usually wear just a t-shirt and a diaper when I am home alone or late at night when my parents are asleep.

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    When I'm in the mood for a blowout I wear a pair of briefs UNDER the diaper, then jeans or sweats. They get really wet when the whole thing leaks.

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    footed pajamas and double padding is my fave =D
    but I also really like to wear a hoodie and a diaper, or if it's way too hot, just an undershirt and the padding

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    I like to wear skirts and plastic pants with mine

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    I'll often wear a pair of compression shorts over my diaper whenever I wear, and if I'm alone then it's just a diaper & t-shirt.

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