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    hey im phil i only recently started this i don't know much about this hoping to talk to others and make friends and meet others like me.

    i came to this web site hoping for support about this. I repressed this all my life but after doing a personal development course i wish to accept myself knowing i enjoy wearing nappys (what i call diapers).

    I enjoy computer games most of my time but going out is rarity but very enjoyable when i can. I always enjoy an intellectual conversation however im very child like so doesn't last to long.
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    Repressing these feelings hardly ever works, their most likely to come back and troll you every now and then. Most of us just end accepting this part of ourselves.
    There really isn't much reason to be embarrassed for buying baby stuff for yourself, almost no cashier gives a damn about what people buys :3 and it's not like you're going to be seen doing these things, you probably just indulge in private, no?
    as for your gf, it can be a weirding-out experience when someone that isn't into this hears about it for the first time, but usually with time, they start to accept it (although not always, so it isn't a safe bet to tell her) but in the end it just depends on confidence and the level of communication on the relationship. anyway, don't let it all get you down or anxious, reflect, and try to understand it better, where do these feelings come from, what it really makes me feel like after indulging, or after I decide not to, weight cons and pros, etc.

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    Repression leads to anxiety, anxiety leads to fear, fear leads to hate which is the path to the dark side.

    OK, Star Wars misquotes aside, you may or may not be able to repress this without anxiety and making yourself miserable, but this is not easily done. Ultimately it is your decision as to what you will act on, but I doubt the desire will just go away.

    If you continue wearing diapers I believe your girlfriend deserves to know. Hiding things will either make it diffiult or destroy a relationship.

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    It is best to be upfront with your girlfriend. All woman react differently to finding out their partner loves diapers but usually if they love you they will try to understand. Every woman I have been with have known within the first week of us dating and all were very supportive. Of course, the women I chose to date had personalities that led me to believe they would be alright with it. For example, my second wife loved costume play. I knew this before I told her I am an ABDL. When I told her about diapers it did not bother her at all. I have also had two very close female friends that have known about my love for diapers. One was extremely supportive and the other could never understand. The one that did not understand was very conservative and I feel that played into her never understanding me. What is your girlfriend's personality like? Is she into any kind of unique things?

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    i think you right about weighing out the pros on cons of this might make it easier thank you

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    i get you mean but of course but its hard to explain it to her about this when i don't understand myself

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    sorry many posts still getting used to this i just want to say thank you for answers i have been looking for all this time. i think i won't repress it anymore and embrace this and many learn more about this and understand it better once i discover this a bit more i will tell her i am sure she will understand our communication and understanding is very good. later tonight i will rewrite this into a proper introduction once i read about good introductions sorry for this rushed thread
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    Don't tell your girlfriend unless you plan on marrying's too much of a gamble that she'll spread it around & if she doesn't accept it it's alot of drama..

    It's your decision on weighting the pros and cons about telling her.

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