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Thread: Wife Will Be Seeing My Diaper Stash For The First Time!

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    Default Wife Will Be Seeing My Diaper Stash For The First Time!

    I am currently working in Afghanistan and my wife is going to be sending me a sissy care package any day. In doing so, she will be going down into our basement and getting some diapers out of my sissy closet for the first time. Nothing in there should surprise her as she knows who I am but I still get butterflies about her seeing my stacks and stacks of diapers all neatly organized. I wonder what her thoughts will be? She is understanding, she even lets my put a Disney Princess Queen sized comforter set on the bed we have in the basement. This is where I sleep when I want to wear diapers to beddy bye. Has anyone else here been faced with the knowledge of their wife or girlfriend seeing all their diapers for the first time?

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    So my beautiful wife viewed my stash for the first time. I actually was on the phone with her when she opened the closet door. I honestly thought she would have acted surprised about how many diapers I have in there but she said nothing negative at all. All she said was that I do not need to open a new package because there are plenty of diapers out and about. She did say you had me by you Tena maxi-pads and you have a pack off Always in here lol. She grabbed a variety of diapers and commenced to packing them up to send to me. I asked her which ones she grabbed and she started explaining what they looked like. (She has no idea what brands are what as she really is not that interested). All and all, it went very well.

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    Glad all went well. I don't hide it from my wife so no surprises to her. Hope the military doesn't mind when you get your package.

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    I never hide anything from her at all, she just choses to not get so involved. My sissy closet is my space. She wrapped everything up in shirt boxes, smart girl, so we are all good. They do not go through your mail.

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    Thanks for your service! Awesome news, sir. My wife recently saw my stash, and it was thrilling to show her. She made little remarks about thickness, softness and such. It was embarrassing but at least I was there! I can't imagine the courage it took over the phone. Make it back safe...and thanks again for defending my right to be waaaaaaaaaay too thickly diapered! My wife's a disabled vet, so y'all have a special place in our thoughts.

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