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Thread: Uhh hello ^_^;

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    Default Uhh hello ^_^;

    I made this account awhile back but I Never introduced myself. I am pretty shy with new people so I usually just read posts unless I have something to add. I wear diapers 24/7 because I have always had problems with accedents especially at night. I have come to enjoy that part of my life. I am not to big in to AB things but I never really tried it either. Well that's the basics I guess ^_^ hope I didn't ramble too much! Hehe
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    Hey there, welcome to the site! No need to feel shy around here, as I've said before as long as you avoid the real heated issues, everyone will be pretty nice (and this coming from someone who is quite shy xD). Sorry about the accident problems =/. When it comes to...non DL things (I guess?) what are some of your hobbies/interests?

    Don't be too much of a stranger anymore, we always enjoy having new people come in and contribute with their experiences, or just whatever really ^_^. hope to see you around.

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