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Thread: General Tone in The Forum

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    Default General Tone in The Forum

    Here in this forum, we are all handed a gift. Though this gift does not always seem like a gift, and though it is not wrapped in a bow, it truly is a great gift. Upon arriving to this site you, you are given a chance to take what you have learned and what you have seen and done, and incorporate it into this community, helping as many people as possible. This gift never leaves you but is always growing and a piece of it is always taken. It's a great thought. I like to always think that the main focus of this is is that gift, and how much it can grow and be given.

    I know, I sound like the common Romantic, and I might just be that, but that still doesn't change the fact. You can look at it in anyway you would like. You can see it as an exchange of ideas, a way to vent, a place to come together, really anything you want, but it is all the same, I just choose to look at it this way.

    In accordance with that, the topic I present to you in this thread will be general tone when in the forum. Just some simple things to follow to really just make the most out of this community. Educate, in this thread, is the way your present yourself in a certain place. Of course things change due to something called atmosphere, which is the feeling you encounter in a certain time/place, but the basics usually stay the same.

    I'd like to start of with a literary device used in English called Tone. Tone is the authors attitude when writing, and just as a writer gives of a tone while writing a book, so do you and I when writing in a thread. When your tone is always cynical and distant, the person reading the thread will feel disconnected to your posts and even sometimes disregard them. Its nice to have some cynicism and sarcasm (which many of us do use, even I am guilty of this) but a constant wave of this gets extremely old, extremely fast. A joke is funny, but said over and over again, some how loses its taste. So, I am not saying 'don't be cynical' or 'don't use sarcasm' I am just saying, use it in moderation and know when it is proper, and in good humor. If someone is trying to have a substantial discussion with you in a thread and you act out on those devices, it only looks as though you are not respecting the person and do not really have any interest in the article- seeming as though your goal was to bash and not help or add in your opinion. Some of you will argue that it is your way of speaking, and I see that, I know what you mean, but part of maturing is showing flexibility towards situations, and it is possible for you to change your tone in certain scenarios, you just have to try.

    The dramatic will argue that changing their tone is changing who they are, but its not, I am not telling you to change your opinions, please do not twist my words to sound like that, I am just saying that it is more beneficial to the community when you act accordingly. Take serious topics seriously, fool off on those off topics. Having a rude tone will all in all make you come out looking like a jerk, and it is so much easier to lose respect for someone than to gain it back. Once someone sees you as something, it sticks, so make that something a positive and watch your words.

    Thank you for reading,

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    I am replying at this very moment and you are wrong sir!

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    Unfortunatly we have some who take off-topic silly topics seriously.

    That is my 2C on this whole thing.

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    I always see myself as an over-the-top serious poster.

    Does anyone have a problem with this?


    ...And that's why I post seriously all the time, with only a joke here or there. My sense of humour (wordplay and quick-witted comebacks) just isn't something that can manifest on a forum easily, so I don't even bother. That, and I absolutely love writing elongated posts, with me justifying every single point with paragraphs of analogies and examples. That's just how I like to write, and stems from the fact I had to do a lot (like, I mean 4 every year for 5 years!) of persuasive speeches back in school.

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    You might want to check the grammar in FullMetal's post. Some of those sentences are long and drawn out, like your post. :P If you're a serious writer, then this forum will become a TBDL book the thickness of a standard Mason brick.

    Other than the idle banter and silly antics members play on each other, FullMetal's post has the tone of a long, wet fart. We should be silly sometimes, not always serious. A light heart is a child-like heart.

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    Being silly at times is fun! It is most effective when done on large amounts of sleepyness or the exact oppisite and done on a huge 2L bottle of Amp energy drink.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Brome Teks View Post
    Being silly at times is fun! It is most effective when done on large amounts of sleepyness or the exact oppisite and done on a huge 2L bottle of Amp energy drink.
    Yeah man, the colonel knows what's up.

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    I can never get my point across with some people T.T


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    how do you have the patience to write so much????????

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