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    I recently foung out my partner (m) is a DL. Which i didnt know anything about the subject or even understand what it was,

    Im fine with the idea of it and am begining to understand through his explaining.

    As of finding out i thought id supprise him and buy some nappies and wear them for him witch he loved, and im actual finding quiet arousing myself.

    Just wondering how i gareentee him that im not just doing this to make him happy, ant that i am enjoying it myself also.

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    He'll be able to see the difference, between you doing it just to please him and you honestly and purely enjoying the experience.
    Especially, if you plan to wear with him on a regualr basis, it will definitely show that you've taken to it, yourself.

    I'm glad it's becoming something you can enjoy together and it's a positive experience for you!
    Have fun experimenting and learning more about the DL lifestyle.

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    You are an amazing person for being willing to delve into this interest that your b/f has. Most people dont give to hairs of a rats ass to stay around and understand. You are certainly a very open minded and definitely caring individual by willing to experiment with them for him. As others have said, the more you wear on your own, the more he will see that your actually interested in them. Be positive, and tell him that your happy he has shared this with you, because it has opened your eyes to a new enjoyment, and without him, you would have never known. Think of places where you can wear diapers together, for example the movies, or go for a walk in the park, all diapered up, or to the mall. Make it exciting, and daring. He will definitely appreciate your involvement. Also....just begin wearing on your own around the house for fun, and he will see your into them.

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