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    I have found something out. I will never eat baby cereal ever again. Almost threw up and I only took two bites. Sad to say I threw the entire box in the trash.

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    You should try classic baby food. There are many flavors, so don't judge based on your first try (of non cereal baby food) if you happen to get a not-so-great flavor. The first flavor I tried was horrible, but the second one was awesome!

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    I have to say I disagree with ALL baby food what's wrong with making a child the right food yourself and mushing it up, I see no need for processed food in any child.

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    I really hope it doesn't turn you off ALL baby food. Baby cereal is super bland. I'm super hesitant to try it after I tried it once, but there are other flavors and stuff like with banana or apple, and those might not be so bad...

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    baby food is awful. Do you wonder why they refuse to eat it, and spit it up? Because if is disgusting and they don't want to eat it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanddeath View Post
    baby food is awful. Do you wonder why they refuse to eat it, and spit it up? Because if is disgusting and they don't want to eat it.
    Well I agree with you there lol, that's why my little one got home made food the same food we had, she loved it.

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    I had bought Apple Strawberry banana to mix in with it and actually, there was more fruit than cereal. I am going to try the other flavors I bought and probably force myself to eat them. Their texture won't be the same as the cereal and I bet that is what made me gag.

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    You all need to realize that by taking adult food and mashing it up would only harm a babies digestion track. Do you give a puppy adult dog food ? Of course not, you give them puppy chow. Same thing with baby food.

    Forget that its disgusting (to us) they dont know any better. Its safe and easy on their digestion, has loads of nutrients that a growing baby needs, and to top it off, it doesnt have any of the harmful preservatives and chemicals, and nastiness (like hormone treatment in beef/chicken) in it.

    Its called baby food for a reason, and its been designed and invented by people alot smarter than any of us.

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    And there are also experts that say to make your own baby food. Fruits and vegetables that you grow in your own garden should be just as good for baby as baby food is and is a thousand times cheaper. I would just be too lazy to actually make baby food when I have children of my own.

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    Haven’t you guys figured this out by now? Companies like “Gerber” got together with “Kodiak” and “Polaroid” to purposely create nasty baby foods so parents can achieve their “Yuck mommy, this is gawd awful stuff” photos with green glop drooling from the chin and bibs LOL! (J/K). Personally, talking about taste alone, I wouldn’t feed that crap to my worst enemy. I have noticed as of late though, some of the toddler stuff is a lot like what most adults eat today. Also, who could ever turn their noses up at the fruit; for the most part, it’s still the best. Anyhow, I guess there is something to be said about some of the things that taste horrible but is very good for you. I know a friend at work who loves this new “seaweed” drink and boy does it ever look like SEAWEED! She’s a brave soul to say the least.

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