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Thread: Is there a game you would never sell?

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    Default Is there a game you would never sell?

    Do you have any games that you will always keep and never sell? Any games that are really important to you?

    For me it would be the Kingdom Hearts series. I have always loved the story and plan on eventually re-playing the games.

    So... what games would you never sell?

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    Metroid Prime. Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker. Resident Evil 4. Too much fun, too many memories, and too much replay value to even consider selling them.

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    All of my Pokemon games. I still have every single one I bought since I was like 10 years old, and I would not part with one of them for anything.

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    Al of my Call of Duty series, All of Forza Motorsport, All of Project Gotham Racing, All of Saints Row, GTA:San Andreas and GTA:IV, Heroes over Europe, R.U.S.E, The Saboteur, Mafia II, Battlefield series, Medal of Honor series. Well that is what I can think about.

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    Any of the Kingdom Hearts games. It's what got me into video games in the first place. Also, FFVII and American McGee's Alice. Those stay.

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    For me it would be Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I would have to agree with Wolf3188 all of my Pokemon games are priceless to me.

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    Default Is there a game you would never sell?

    I have Chrono Trigger for the Super Nintendo, complete with box and manuals. I know it would fetch a few bucks if I were to sell it. But, it's my favorite game of all time, so it's staying right where it belongs-safe in my collection.

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    Have a few games that are pretty rare that i could make a lot of money from. Probably should sell them but i won't. Will never upgrade from my 60GB PS3 Either <3

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    Kingdom hearts series, xenosaga series, xenogears, chrono trIgger and chrono cross ,any of the tales series and all the Altus games I has. I love jrpgs to much to get rid of them . Besides I might play them again lol.

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