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    So umm just throwing this out there but... Anyone good at algebra 1 willing to help me with a prob?

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    Sweet thanks!!

    Explain in words how to graph the line 3x - 5y = 10 to someone who has never taken an Algebra class. Use correct vocabulary as you explain the process and what the solution (the graph) tells you about the equation of the line.

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    Ok, here goes nothing!

    Since you're solving for y, move the 3x to the right side. The 5y is negative (3x - 5y) so it becomes

    -5y = -3x + 10

    Divide by -5 to get y by itself.

    y = -3x/-5 + 10/-5

    Work it out. -3 and -5 cancel to 3/5. Leave it as a fraction, since they're most precise. 10/-5 becomes -2.

    y = (3/5)x - 2

    To find the y-intercept, or where the line meets y, take the number that's added or subtracted from the x - in this case, it's -2.

    The slope of the line is whatever the x is multiplied by. In this case it's 3/5, or up three units, right five units.
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    Hopefully you don't just take that and write it down - study hard. I'm bad at math but if I study enough I do just fine.

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    Yup... the way Point has done it is generally the most effective way to solve these sorts of problems.

    However I got y = (3/5)x - 2 ... minus 2!

    It always helps to use a method where you deal with as little negatives as possible!

    Because you got 3x - 5y = 10
    3x = 10 + 5y (bring the 5y over, get rid of all the negatives)
    3x - 10 = 5y (move the 10 to the other side - negative is unavoidable - to isolate the 5y)
    (3/5)x - 2 = y (divide through by 5 to get the function of y.)

    I think you just put in the wrong sign Point.

    Simply make the equation as a function of y (That is, have it as y = ...)

    As a side note, it always helps to know general formula's too.

    You (should :p) know the general equation of a straight line is y = mx + c

    Where: m = gradient of the line
    x = your variable
    c = a constant, and also where the line crosses the y-axis.

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    I like your cookie... That's all I have to say

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blanch View Post
    Oh, crap! I guess I still need practice too!
    I always tell my students when they turned negative numbers into positive ones: "If you ever open a bank, please let me know immediately - I want to be your first customer!" :-D


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