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    Hello everyone,

    My boyfriend and I are new to this site. He has done quite a bit of browsing the forums, but never created a log in. He is DL and I am not. He told me about the fetish about 3 months into our relationship and we have been together for about a year and a half now. I am still learning and understanding what it means to be DL and I hope joining this site together can help strengthen our relationship and help me to understand him better. We would love to talk to other couples in similar situations and would love to hear ways to have fun with this fetish. Thanks everyone!

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    Well welcome to the site both of you I hope you make the most of this site, I suspect you will be most welcome here we all love a good success story for couples give hope to us all!

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    Wow, alright then. Lately I've heard a lot of people being supportive of this particular fetish, in all honesty it's surprising. Heh, sorry but I can't really suggest ways that may help you "have fun with this fetish" as you put it, sorry. Anyway I am glad though that you signed up though mabye if you poked around the Diaper Talk or Mature Topics Forum you would have a better understanding. Sorry I can't help more.

    Oh yeah welcome to ADISC, I hope you have a good time at this site.

    - Chance

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    Hi welcome to site I am AB/DL my wife is not and although she knows about me and has accepted what I am she does not partake in any of my AB activities. Hope you like the site and find it very helpful to any questions you may have.

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