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Thread: going on a trip on the 25th to see my mommy/Top. (diapers in my carry on 3: )

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    Default going on a trip on the 25th to see my mommy/Top. (diapers in my carry on 3: )

    we've been dating, long distance, for close to ten months now. because i've just graduated from high school and have a job, we're going to meet up for the very first time on the twenty fifth of this month. i'm not scared, because we both love each other very much and have done and will continue to do everything possible to make this meeting safe. we skype, call, and email each other consistently and i can't imagine anything being awkward between us. i can't even imagine my life without her at this point.

    so. i've got a whopping twelve hour flight ahead of me and can you guess what i'm most terrified about?

    diapers in my carry on.

    on top of having to bring medicine for my asthma which will be embarrassing enough, i'm also going to bring at least ten diapers for fun while i'm there with her. her name is R, by the way. i might persuade her to get back on adisc sometime soon. we're both on over at ttwd (this thing we do) because we have a domestic discipline relationship. (maybe i'll be lucky enough to get a spanking while i'm with her? ) but anyway...

    i'm not incontinent, i'm just bringing the diapers because, well, i'm... 'little'. i'm sure i'll get over the embarrassment of having them packed in there with my stuffies, but is anybody going to question me? if so, what should i say? and is the scenario of somebody at some strange counter tearing the diapers out really all in my mind?

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    If it's not illegal and not going to cause the plane to explode they aren't going to care, they see diapers on a regular basis to the point they probably don't even register them anymore. They may ask if you're incontinent but I doubt it so you shouldn't have to worry about taking them. On another note, 12 hour flight? Where does she live? I can't imagine travelling that far just to see a caretaker, that's some dedication.

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