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Thread: Your favorite diaper

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    Default Your favorite diaper

    What is your favorite diaper, and why do you like it? For example, mine is the pink princess pull-ups, because I love princesses. My other one is the pampers cruisers size 7, because they have the straps.

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    My favorite diaper to have on, wet, and be comfortable in is the depends protection with tabs. But my favorite diaper to play are the pampers cruisers, they are a little to small, but I still love them! ^-^.

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    My favorite diaper is the Abena M4 (plastic backed). Just like any other diaper, I like them because of their look, feel and scent.

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    My "Blue Dinosaurs" nursery print I bought from BabyPants is definetely my favorite because it is much more comfortable to wear than disposables and I love the prints on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rukario View Post
    my "blue dinosaurs" nursery print i bought from babypants is definetely my favorite because it is much more comfortable to wear than disposables and i love the prints on it.
    dude thats amazing

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    Dry 24/7's are my favorite. They feel more like the thick diapers of my childhood. I can also wear one all day, and it wont leak.

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    at the moment its a toss up between 3 different diapers. the Tena Slip maxi (recently got a chance to wear some while in london and paris) and I’m quite happy to see bambino is offering them in the US despite them being expensive. this is easily at the top of my list at the moment but only marginally. it has good absorption, soft feel and good discretion. i.e. not too thick to wear during the day and look like I’m wearing a diaper. just behind that is the Wellness brief because of its very soft plastic and great odor control. along with that is the TotalDry X-Plus for its very soft plastic and wonderful fit. I would take all of these really for their own reasons, but the Tena Slip Maxi is certainly better overall.

    the girlfriend and I enjoy wearing the teddy and bellissimo diapers together though for fun.

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    Bambino Teddys! They hold a lot, the lining is super soft, one can last me all day, they're cute, and when worn under jeans, they're quiet.

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    Cloth backed Cushies! They feel exactly like baby diapers.

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    The best feeling I ever had wearing a diaper was when I got a couple sample Cushies. They seemed to hold a lot and they LOOKED incredible and I hung out in just the diaper and t-shirt until it was so wet it was falling off. I think getting some of those Dinosaur underpants from Baby Pants and the matching plastic pants would be even better but I can't justify that expense right now.

    Of the diapers I can fit in and I can get without mail ordering I prefer the Walgreen's/CVS/Wal-Mart (they MUST all come from the same plant) generics, cloth-like and quiet, that I can wear and wet anywhere.

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