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    Are there any stores in the United States that sell adult sized cloth diapers and plastic pants? I mean regular stores, not online.

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    maybe try a local medical supplies place? They normally carry all sorts of diapers, I think that would be your best bet.

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    Other then stores that sell materials to make them the only possible place I could think of would be medical stores or possibly a sex shop I know that some sex shops sell certain ab gear, although I don't know about one that sells diapers. Maybe a costume store although I doubt they would be actual diapers, meaning you may not be able to really use them.

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    Yeah... Adult cloth diapers really are a specialty item. You could certainly see if a local medical supply company carries them, but don't get your hopes up! Even cloth baby diapers are pretty much an order-online thing anymore. Also, if you were lucky enough to find a medical supply company in your area that sold cloth, you'd have to be even luckier to find any kind of selection. The demand is so small. Best start working on a plan to order them. You'll be spending a lot, and you'll have them for quite a while, so it's even more important than it is with disposables to do your research.

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    I know of one Seattle area pharmacy that sells a small range of adult plastic pants and bed/furniture pads. I don't recall seeing cloth diapers there but I wasn't really looking. I expect one would have to call around to see what was available.

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    I make my own cloth diapers by following a pattern I traced on cardboard of my favorite disposable diaper. Than I went to the fabric store and bought the fabric and sewed them up one night took less than a hour to sew two of them up. The diaper fabric and the terry cloth is both sold at your local fabric store. Put making a adult cloth diaper into Google and you will find out how.

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