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Thread: Looking for a few things.

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    Default Looking for a few things.

    I'm looking for a few things to take my mind off losing my "mommy." Since her life is moving on (we are still good friends), I figured since I've re-discovered my "baby" side, I might as well be who I am and commit to it.

    Firstly, are there any more books like "There's a baby in my bed" which breaks down and talks a bit about infantilism? Although I know "who" I am with all of this, I'm still looking for self-analysis.

    Second, does anyone know a website to get "AB/DL" themed bondage clothing? Odd request, I know, but it's something I would like to check out.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not sure about the clothing website but there is a book called "The Age Play and Diaper Fetish Handbook" by Penny Barber. I have not read it personally but I have heard it was pretty good.
    The Age Play and Diaper Fetish Handbook: Penny Barber: Books

    Good luck!

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    Thank you Wazzle, I will check that one out A.S.A.P.

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    I personally have Penny's book, and I also bought Ageplay: From Diapers to Diplomas by Paul Rulof. Haven't read it yet, but from te Look Inside on amazon, it looks really good.

    I dont know the sites off the top of my head, but I do know you can purchase AB leather harnesses in pink or blue with cute pictures, among other restraints, as well as locking mitten things that are AB themed and booties too. Oh and locking plastic pants so you don't try and take that diaper off! Lol

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    Thanks bbbabsie I was checking out books on the kindle fire this morning and I actually saw that "Ageplay: From Diapers to Diplomas" too. I see there are a lot of fantasy stories up there too, but I honestly can't see myself paying for a plot that's been done a thousand times over. I know the books are only $3-$9, but what could the possible sell that I haven't read in the past fifteen years? For this reason, is why I find the informational books 10x more interesting As for the AB/DL themed bondage clothing, so far I've brought a few things from Pipineni's adult baby shop, and although her stuff is great, it can also be a bit on the pricy side. Oh well, I guess if you are going to play the game, you gotta double down lol!

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    I haven't bought any of the fantasy stuff because it's all hetero. Most AB/DL stories are, even unpublished. And anything that's homo/lesbian that's unpublished is not usually my type. Sad times.

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    I understand what you mean, as I can also come across a bit bias myself at times. The only stories I like to read are hetero (woman/parent, male/baby) and gay adult baby stories for the most part. Lesbian doesn’t do anything for me, but I have read a few good ones. As far as “male/parent, female/baby” is concerned, (with the exception of some being magically turned into a baby), I stay away from those stories like the plague. In my opinion, there’s nothing like a story where the protagonist is introduced into ether being an “adult baby”, or magically turned into an actual one. Not to mention the details on being mortified about using a diaper for the first time since being in diapers? Delicious!!, I'm getting out of line here lol

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